CBD Oil For Dogs | CBD For Dogs Seizures | Organic CBD Oil For Pets

CBD Oil For Dogs | CBD For Dogs Seizures | Organic CBD Oil For Pets

Alpha Therapeutics LLC

5 star CBD oil for dogs review by Tune R.
“I have been using the CBD tincture with my dog for 5 days. I have noticed he moves with much greater ease and is happier in general. I wish we started using this sooner because the results are truly amazing. Thank you.”



Alpha Therapeutics LLC keeps all aspects of product production and manufacturing in-house to ensure superior quality in our CBD oil tinctures, healing balms, and other CBD products.
All hemp used by Alpha Therapeutics is cultivated exclusively in Northern Europe, grown in a natural environment that is free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical fertilizers. Our production process utilizes whole plant hemp extract, which includes secondary cannabinoids and other medical compounds to enhance the therapeutic benefits of our CBD end products. All raw materials are sourced organic/non-GMO where available.

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