My Dog Got Faded After Eating Cannabis Treat

My Dog Got Faded After Eating Cannabis Treat

I woke up to see my dog acting funny. I was worried thinking that he might’ve been sick or something but turns out he ninja’d into my closet and ate my triple strength medical marijuana extract treat.

Talked to a vet and he assured me that the amount of chocolate he ate would not hurt the dog at all. In fact, he could eat 3x his body weight in chocolate and not get sick or die. They usually puke it all out. He assured me that the only treatment for the dog was to make sure he stayed hydrated and allowed to sleep it off. He also commented that the people who are concerned about the dog’s health should educate themselves more. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local vet or message me and I’ll refer you to mine.

Music: Telepopmusik – Breathe


1) Dog’s breed is American Eskimo
2) He is doing fine and is happy as ever
3) I didn’t put any ads on the video but the music copyright holder did
4) Person speaking in background is my g’ma who passed away shortly after this video
5) Korean

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