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3 Tips to Grow Your Hemp-Derived CBD Wellness Business

3 Tips to Grow Your Hemp-Derived CBD Wellness Business

No matter your industry or products, all business owners want to see their dream keep growing year after year. If you’re in the wellness industry, offering hemp-derived CBD oil for sale, among other products, you face unique challenges in addition to tremendous opportunities for growth. If taking your business to the next level is on your yearly to-do list, here are a few things to consider.  

Become the Expert of Your Business 

Hemp-derived CBD is still a relatively new thing for the public at large. If you want your business to grow this year, you’ll want to appeal to the customers who don’t already have CBD at the top of their list. There are plenty of people in your community that would likely benefit from your products—they just don’t know it yet. 

Aim to be the expert of your business, knowing your products and formulas inside and out. This could require additional education on your part, but your customers’ experience is worth it. When people are given the choice between you and a competitor with similar products, you want them to choose you because they trust you more.

Expand Your Product Offerings 

While many businesses might start out with just one product, you could miss out on new sales by pigeon-holing your brand. When it comes to hemp-derived CBD, different products can help people achieve different results and address different needs. This year, try expanding your product line and purchase types of wholesale CBD derived from hemp.  

From tinctures to softgels, topical solutions, and more, expanding your product line gives customers more choices and opens up new sales opportunities. For best results, start with products that complement your brand and existing customers. Every business will be different, so choose products that you’ve heard customers ask about or that you think would have success.   

Partner with a Reputable Wholesaler  

Not all hemp-derived CBD products are created the same. Although this is a relatively young industry, customers know what works and what doesn’t, and the products you carry have a direct effect on your brand’s reputation. Sometimes partnering with the right hemp-derived CBD wholesale provider can be what your business needs. 

For example, CBDistillery™ is well-respected in the industry, with quality products that customers recognize. With these products on your shelf, people will see your business cares about quality, which can be a big boost for your credibility. To top it off, the best wholesalers will provide you with displays and educational material to help support product sales. 

About CBDistillery™ 

CBDistillery™ has flourished since its 2016 founding, now established as one of the most reputable and successful online vendors of hemp-derived CBD. The company’s founders are a team of native Coloradans who had grown tired of seeing the hemp-derived CBD marketplace dominated by overpriced but low-quality CBD products. They made a commitment that CBDistillery would provide a selection of the highest quality wellness-enhancing hemp-derived CBD products at a fair price. Those hemp-derived CBD products now include hemp-derived 500 mg CBD oil capsules, their signature line of hemp-derived CBD tincture oils, hemp-derived CBD gummies, hemp-derived CBD topical products, and more. To ensure that quality, CBDistillery is dedicated to full transparency, with links to third-party test results and the hemp-derived CBD content of every product clearly labeled. If you’ve ever asked where can you buy CBD oil online? CBDistillery is the answer. 

Learn more about CBDistillery and their wholesale opportunity at www.thecbdistillery.com 


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