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4 Great CBD Products to Help You Keep Your “Cool”

4 Great CBD Products to Help You Keep Your “Cool”

We all have bad days — those times when you just can’t keep your cool. Sometimes the stress just gets to be too much for even the best of us. Fortunately, there are a variety of CBD products that can help relieve stress and allow us to remain calm under fire.

The nice thing about shopping for CBD is that it’s available in a number of different forms and with a variety of bonus ingredients. So, whatever your individual needs, there’s bound to be a CBD product geared just for you.

Here are four great options to help you maintain your chill on those trickiest of days. 

1. Start Your Day With CBD Gummies

Creating a daily routine has its benefits. People with daily routines report less stress throughout the day, enhanced focus, and better time management, among other things. Adding CBD gummies to the mix gives you more benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining a cool, calm balance when things start to take a turn for the worse. 

CBD Gummies are the perfect addition for just about anyone and, for many people, they’re an ideal introduction to cannabinoids. They come in low concentrations, which is part of the appeal most find in CBD gummies. With concentrations as low as 25mg per bite in some cases, you’re able to give yourself a little more chill and patience while enhancing attention levels to keep you focused and productive. 

Oh, and did we mention CBD gummies are incredibly discrete? They look like gummy candy bites, so you can pretty much enjoy them wherever you like (as long as you’re not driving). 

2. Keep a CBD Balm on Stand-by

cbdfx photo lifestyle balmsticks  jan  There are more than a few reasons we love CBD topicals. Sure, they’re an excellent way to kick those post-workout aches to the curb, but they are capable of so much more. CBD topicals provide targeted relief to any particular area bothering you. 

When you rub your topical into your skin, it travels through multiple layers of skin before reaching the target spot and providing relief. For most of us on the verge of losing our cool, the head is one of the first things to bother us. It starts to pound, and the temples dance in unison. This is where your CBD Calming Stick comes in handy. Simply rub it into your temples, and let the soothing elements of chamomile and lavender take the wheel. 

Plus, some people prefer CBD topicals for bodily discomfort because it never enters the bloodstream. 

3. A CBD Focus Shot for Extra Pep in Your Step 

cbdfx photo lifestyle focusshot  aug  When you’re tired, dragging yourself through the day, everything seems to annoy you. It’s okay. This just means you’re human. But if you’ve got a hefty to-do list, a day like this will seemingly last forever. So grab a CBD Focus Shot, enhanced with 75mg of natural caffeine and 25mg of broad spectrum hemp, to put a little pep in your step and, who knows, maybe a smile on your face. 

Sometimes just a little jolt of energy makes you realize the day isn’t as bad as you initially thought. This combination of high-quality CBD and natural caffeine offers the best of both worlds. You get the energy you need, but you don’t have to worry about crashing and experiencing those bad vibes all over again. 

Who knows, this could replace your morning and afternoon cup of coffee!

4. Go to Bed and Try Again Tomorrow 

cbdfx photo lifestyle calmingtincture  mar  Sometimes you just want to hit the sheets and hope for a better day tomorrow. This is the perfect time to get acquainted with your CBD + CBN Calming Tincture

Finding beneficial ways to calm yourself after a challenging day is crucial. Stress is one of the leading causes of poor sleeping habits. Our Calming Tincture contains CBN, the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid, alongside those calming, therapeutic properties of CBD you already know and love. 

Pair our Calming Tincture with bedtime meditation, focusing on what will be different the next day, and you’ll find yourself drifting into a deeper, more restful sleep. A good night’s sleep will work wonders on your stress levels the following day.

Choosing the Right Product 

Now that we’ve discussed some of the products best suited for “keeping your cool,” you probably want to know how to shop for them. Finding high-quality CBD products isn’t hard if you know what you’re looking for. Let’s discuss some of the boxes you want to tick. 

First off, you want to look for a company using organic farming techniques. The hemp plant is a bioaccumulator, meaning it soaks up everything in the soil surrounding it. When hemp grows with the best of the best, it doesn’t have the opportunity to soak up any toxic chemicals or heavy metals because it never comes in contact with them.  

The other thing you want to look for is third-party lab testing. These tests serve as a purity and potency confirmation for you. You can look at these test results and confirm that your product is free of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. 

Any reputable company should satisfy both of these requirements. If not, start looking for a company that has this information clearly posted on their website. 

When It’s All Said and Done

There are tons of CBD products on the market, which means there’s a CBD product suitable for whatever the day tosses your way. We all lose our cool occasionally, but CBD gives you a baseline of chill to work with during your interactions and encounters.


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