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4 Ways to Take CBD You Haven’t Tried Yet – Medicalweeds

4 Ways to Take CBD You Haven’t Tried Yet
– Medicalweeds

Many people across the country are learning about the benefits of taking CBD to improve your health and well being. CBD is a natural, non-narcotic, non-pharmaceutical compound that has been shown to alleviate symptoms associated with conditions like stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, and more. Many people rely on tinctures and a few edibles to get the CBD they need, but there are many more options. Here are four ways to take CBD you can get from Medicalweeds that you may not have tried yet. 

Medicalweeds Freeze

CBD can affect the endocannabinoid system that plays a significant role in how your body sends, processes, and responds to signals related to pain. Using CBD in a localized area can help reduce the symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammation. The best way to get this effect is to apply CBD topically instead of orally. Medicalweeds has a roll-on applicator that contains a full-spectrum CBD blend that contains additional compounds to help with pain relief. When you use Medicalweeds Freeze, the product mimics the application of ice, increasing blood flow to the affected area.Medicalweeds Freeze is made from natural products and can help alleviate the pain from inflammation and more. 

Medicalweeds Water

One of the best things you can do to improve your health is to drink more water. While many of the edible CBD products you can find contain sugar, Medicalweeds Water is just pure water and full-spectrum CBD. Medicalweeds Water is made with 100 percent organic and natural hemp CBD extracts. We use cutting-edge nanotechnology to infuse natural CBD extract into water with a pH level that’s approximately 9 or higher. Water at that pH level is considered alkaline water, which is believed to have numerous additional health benefits. Each 500 ml bottle of Medicalweeds Water contains 10 million nanograms of CBD that has high bioavailable and is easy to absorb.

CBD Tea Infuser Bottle

One of the best ways to take natural products like CBD is to include them in the foods and drinks you enjoy on a daily basis. When taking health products isn’t a special chore, people are more likely to do it. You can enjoy a more relaxing experience by drinking CBD-infused tea. Medicalweeds has a CBD Tea Infuser Bottle that you can use to create CBD-infused tea. Medicalweeds also sells the CBD loose leaf tea that you can use the tea infuser bottle. Our CBD loose leaf teas come in 6 flavors including Berry Black Tea, Passion Green Tea, Mango Herbal Tea, Chai Turmeric Tea, Coconut Herbal Tea, and Matcha Instant Green Tea. When combined the loose leaf tea and tea infuser bottle makes it easier to enjoy delicious and relaxing CBD teas.

CBD Bath Bombs

When using CBD topically, you’re typically limited to feeling the effects of CBD in the localized area. However, it’s possible to turn topical CBD application into a full-body experience by taking a bath in CBD. Medicalweeds makes CBD Bath Bombs that turn your tub into the ultimate CBD soak. We have four different CBD Bath Bombs that will fill your bathroom with a pleasant aroma and release CBD into the water. CBD Bath Bombs are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, providing you a more relaxing way to get your daily dose of CBD. It’s the perfect way to start the day filled with vigor or a way to recharge after a long day at work.

There are many different ways to use CBD to enjoy a happier and healthier life. If you have any questions about the products you can get from Medicalweeds, send us a message online. 


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