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5 Drinks You Can Enhance With CBD

5 Drinks You Can Enhance With CBD

Adding CBD to your beverage can spice up your daily routine and enhance any drinking experience, from coffee to cocktails.

We often associate CBD with products like oils, tinctures and gummies, but inventive drinkers and mixologists have found a host of ways to incorporate a soothing addition of CBD into their favorite beverages.

OK, but What Is CBD Anyway?

CBD is cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the hemp plant. It’s not the compound that causes a “high.” Instead, it imparts a wide array of therapeutic benefits by bonding with receptors in our endocannabinoid system, which is integrated with our central nervous system.

Why Should I Add It to My Drink?

We love our favorite drinks already, so why fix it if it isn’t broken? Well, there are a couple of good reasons. 

Every day, more people try CBD drinks and report feeling more focused, relaxed and energized. Baristas, brewers, bartenders and celebrity chefs have begun to infuse it in their favorite creations.

Also, when you ingest CBD through a beverage, it takes a little longer to take effect (it has to be absorbed by your digestive system first), but the effects last longer, as opposed to other methods.

What are some types of drinks you can infuse with CBD?

  1. Coffee 

Ah, the elixir of life. You don’t have to be Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks to appreciate the kickstart a good cup of joe can give to your day.

It may sound counterintuitive to add something people use to calm themselves to something famous for a morning jolt, but CBD-enhanced coffee has grown increasingly popular lately, and some proponents believe it delivers the energy of coffee without the jittery side-effects. 

Prefer a nice cold brew? Good news, it works just as well. In fact, it’s great in any version of coffee you prefer, be it a latte, espresso, nitro cold brew, or a plain old cup of black java. 

Also, the method of coffee preparation isn’t inhibited at all by use of CBD. Whether you use a standard drip coffeemaker, a French press, a vacuum pot or a pour-over maker, your CBD coffee can match your style and taste while still delivering the therapeutic properties of CBD. 

Expensive CBD-infused coffee beans and grinds aren’t necessary — simply add a few drops from your favorite CBD tincture into your coffee.

Also, if you prefer tea to coffee, CBD is wildly popular in teas, both hot and iced.

  1. Smoothies

cbd smoothieSmoothies are already a healthful and refreshing way to pack your nutrients into a delicious drink. Why not supercharge one with CBD?

We often choose smoothies as a drink on the go — whether we’re rushing to get to work in the morning or catching a quick boost between meetings. That’s why we pack them with nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, from apples to zucchini. Hemp seeds, chia seeds, matcha and goji berries are just a few of the smoothie superfoods we’ve grown to love. 

With its soothing and relaxation-enhancing properties, it’s no surprise that CBD has entered the smoothie scene. What better way to balance that on-the-go energy while keeping your focus?

There are some really fantastic CBD smoothie recipes out there, ranging from green smoothies and fruit smoothies to dessert-worthy chocolate and peanut butter treats.

  1. Cocktails

We’ve all experienced it — the cocktail party where we have to balance the pressure to mingle with our social jitters.

Enhancing your cocktail with CBD is a fantastic method for soothing your nerves without overindulging. 

CBD cocktails (and mocktails) have exploded in popularity in the past few years, popping up on the drink menus of 5-star restaurants and hotels, as well as a host of bars and eateries across the country.

Intrepid bartenders and mixologists have found myriad methods to incorporate CBD into their cocktails, including the use of CBD oil, tinctures and juice, as well as bitters, mixers and even alcohol infused with CBD. 

We should add that CBD is also enjoyed in beer and wine, and can be found brewed into the drink itself or added via dropper from a favored tincture.

From mint juleps to margaritas, there’s a cocktail recipe out there that capitalizes on CBD.

  1. Kombucha

cbd KombuchaAlthough its history dates back as far as 220 BCE, kombucha can seem like an overnight success. 

In recent years, kombucha has become one of the most popular health beverages in the world, rising from relative obscurity in the West to appearing on menus and in supermarkets nearly everywhere.

Kombucha fans swear by this fermented tea drink’s apparent digestive, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Although it comes in a multitude of flavor varieties, kombucha’s strongest flavor note is a kind of sweet-and-sour tanginess that pairs well with its natural effervescence.

Brewers and kombucha drinkers have begun to explore the soothing benefits of infusing this fermented favorite with CBD. Home brewers add it to the bottle before sealing it up to ferment, while casual kombucha enthusiasts purchase CBD-infused kombucha or simply add a few drops on their own.

  1. Sports Drinks

cbd sports drinksIt might be surprising to learn that athletes often rely on CBD to speed up their training recovery and improve their rest and focus. 

As a result, a whole new generation of CBD sports drinks have entered the market, often replacing the chemicals in other sports drinks with natural CBD in an effort to help hydration and improve recovery.

Some athletes mix their own sports drinks at home, using healthy and natural ingredients like coconut water, green tea, agave and fruit juices, and adding CBD for a soothing boost.

For sports drinks purists, we should add that CBD works great in water, as well. The easiest method to enhance your sports drink or water with CBD is simply to add a few drops from your favorite tincture.

How to Enhance Your Drinks With CBD

cbdfx uk photo lifestyle tinctures apr

It’s totally understandable to be overwhelmed by the number of CBD beverage options out there. So, we’d like to recommend a coupe of simple approaches.

Do it yourself. There are a lot of valuable reasons for infusing drinks with CBD yourself with a tincture. You can add slowly to find the right amount for you, both in terms of effects and flavor. Adding it yourself is a great way to know just how much you’re getting.

Try a proven product. We offer four flavors of CBD drinks in handy 2oz shots. The Chill Shot comes in both lemonade and berry flavors, and the Focus Shot is available in pomegranate and lemonade. They’re naturally sweetened with hibiscus, grapefruit, watermelon and more.

Thinking it’s about time to try a CBD Drink? 

Try our CBD Focus Shots!


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