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5 Effective Tricks To Bring Vape To a Non-vapers Party

5 Effective Tricks To Bring Vape To a Non-vapers Party

Vaping is very popular these days, but even so, some people have a problem with it. While going to a vapers party is always fun because you can exchange mods and experiences with other people, going to a non-vapers party will put you in a position where you have to adapt and play it cool.

Sure, you can bring your vape along, but if the people there really don’t like cloud chasing and inhaling vapor, you’ll have to be careful when and where you vape. So, if that’s what’s going on right now, here are a few tips on how to enjoy vaping when surrounded by non-vapers.

1. Make Sure That You Have Everything You Need


Die-hard vapers are very serious about their vaping equipment. Apart from making sure that all of your vape mods, coils, and other parts are clean at all times, you should always come prepared for anything. With that said, there are dozens of vaping kits designed to provide you with the best vaping experience in any situation. You can, and everything you need will be close at hand at all times.

That includes spare parts, a handy carry bag with room for extra e-juices, an extra battery, and everything else you could need when vaping. Since you’ll probably spend more than a few hours at the party, it’s always best that you come prepared.

2. Be Ready For Outdoor Vaping

Ok, so, you arrive at the party, you take a seat, and the first thing you do is get your vaping equipment out on the table. The people around you and maybe the host will want to know what you keep in the bag. After they realize that it’s all vaping equipment, the chances are that they will ask you politely to go out on the balcony when you want to pure vape.

When that happens, don’t try to explain how vaping is safe, and there’s no risk of second-hand smoke. If they wanted to understand that, they would have done so already. That’s why you should always stay cool and go outside when you want to vape. The people living there are against vaping, and who are you to change their minds?

3. Disguise Your Vape

If you’re adamant about your vaping, and if you don’t like to go outside to do it, you could try to stealth-vape. There are all kinds of products and accessories designed to allow you to vape without other people knowing it.

For example, you can hide your vape pen in a hoodie by inserting it into a set of tubed drawstrings. That way, you can get a puff or two without anyone knowing; just make sure you use a high PG to VG ratio e-juice because it produces less vapor. Other popular stealthy vaping solutions include specially designed backpacks, phone cases, USB drives, and even smartwatches. Even if you get caught, you can pretend that you didn’t know about vaping restrictions and continue vaping outside.

4. Vaping The Right Way


Ok, so, let’s say that you’re at a non-vapers house party, enjoying your vape outside on the deck. If most of the people around you don’t vape, the chances are that some of them will find your cloud chasing tricks interesting. However, there will surely be another group that’s not that impressed by your tricks and would like you to stop. When that happens, you have to remember to play things cool.

There’s a very fine line between being the life of the party and being the unpopular visitor, so make sure you stick to the following vaping etiquette, and you’ll be just fine.

  • Don’t vape into other people’s faces – This one should go without much explaining. No one likes it when someone blows vapor into their face, even though it’s harmless. Blow your clouds upwards and vape only when you’re far enough from the people that mind it.
  • Show off your best tricks – Vaping tricks or cloud chasing, as they are better known, are often the biggest attraction at house parties. If you know a few cool tricks, don’t be afraid to show them to the rest of the people there. It might change their minds about vaping completely.

5. Sharing is Caring

Once everyone around knows that you’re into vaping, go ahead and invite them to have a go. Make sure you explain how vaping works, give them tips on how to breathe correctly, and maybe even teach them a trick or two if they are really into it.

If you run into those people that are against vaping, see if their assumptions are based on facts or misinformation. Take your time to explain more about how vaping works, why you enjoy it and give them the hard facts they need to understand it better. Vaping is relatively safe, and make sure that they know it too.

The Bottom Line

So, if you know that you’re going to a non-vapers party upfront, make sure that you bring all of your vaping stuff along because you might turn the event into a vaping party. You need only one or two people who are willing to give it a try, and suddenly, everyone else might want one.

Pack a few different e-juices, make sure that your entire equipment is at hand, and allow those interested in giving it a go. Be a vaping ambassador and introduce it to non-vapers in the best way possible. Who knows, you might be attending a vaping party the next time you drop by.



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