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5 Pup Wellness Tips for Busy Pet Parents

5 Pup Wellness Tips for Busy Pet Parents

In the hectic rush of the day-to-day, it can be far too easy to neglect our furry friends. Of course, we make sure they’re fed and watered and that they get a good scritch or boop on our way out the door, but how can busy pet parents ensure their fur babies are living a fulfilling, healthy life when we’re caught up in the grind?

Wellness for a pet is much more than having a full bowl of food and a safe place to sleep. Wellness is physical health, mental health, comfort, and an engaging, fulfilling life. But how can we help our furry buds with this when it seems like we’re always running late for something somewhere else?

By getting organized and focusing on the major needs of our pets, we can help them stay healthy and happy even when we’re not home as much as we’d like.

1. Organization for a Smooth Week 

There are probably a few things you do at night or on Sundays to make your weekdays a little easier. 

Ironing clothes, sorting out medicine and supplements, prepping meals, gassing up the car or topping up that transit card are just a few of the things that help our weeks run smoothly, giving us a few precious minutes to relax and focus.

Organization is key to a smooth week. Having your pup’s food and treats stocked and sorted, keeping the toys in a handy place, having leashes at hand, and making sure that favorite lounging spot is clean and obstruction-free are just a few of the very simple but very vital practices that will help your dog’s wellness.

How does this help wellness? It lowers your own stress levels. By knowing where everything is, you know when you need a resupply and you can also get out the door without undue anxiety which will transfer to your dog, either from your mood or your frustrated actions. Plus, when your dog can find that favorite chew toy or climb on that pillow by the window without stress, their potential separation anxiety can be mitigated.

Another important aspect of being organized is having important contact info at hand. This includes the vet, emergency rooms and clinics, and backup sitters and walkers. Emergencies wait for you to be prepared. 

Getting in and out stress-free, as well as being able to easily communicate where important things are to sitters or dog walkers, is well worth the small time investment.

2. Keeping Your Pup Physically Fit

Physical health is the cornerstone of wellness. A fit dog is more likely to be a happy dog.

Exercise not only keeps your pooch entertained, it also fights off obesity and anxiety, helps with the aging process, and keeps you fit too. Not only can you and your pup spend quality time together, you can share a fitness routine.

Daily walks and playtime are absolutely necessary, but it’s also a good idea to consider supplementary exercise you and your pup can engage in together on your days off. This can include swimming, jogging, hiking, and even dancing.

Training your dog is another way to spend good time together while getting both of you up off the couch. Treats are just as good an incentive for our puppers as they are for us. Some treats include supplements, ranging from vitamins and minerals to CBD, chamomile, and spinach for mobility and calm.

A healthy diet with the appropriate nutrients and ingredients for your dog’s breed and age is vital, as is regular health care from your veterinarian.

As dogs age, they can develop chronic illnesses and conditions. In fact, some breeds are known to be prone to certain health issues. Mobility and pain issues from aging joints and muscles are common problems. It’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian on how to help your dog manage pain and stiffness while you’re away at work. 

Many dog owners look to CBD to help their dogs stay comfortable. Tinctures designed specifically for your dog’s size are a safe and easy way to make sure your dog gets the right amount of CBD for the day. 

A calming and moisturizing pet balm with CBD, shea butter and Alaskan salmon oil is a great way to help ouchy skin, paw pads, and noses while working in a little snuggly massage time.

3. Mental & Emotional Wellness

dog stress wellnessFor humans, wellness isn’t limited to physical fitness and nutrition, and the same applies to your pet. 

Dogs grapple with stress, anxiety, and fear just like us. Whether you’re transitioning your pet from the shelter to their new forever home, or dealing with separation anxiety or storm fear, you know that stressors can wreak havoc on your dog’s mental health.

Separation anxiety not only makes your pup unhappy, it also brings a host of problematic behaviors, from incessant barking to destroying furniture and making messes.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available for helping with separation anxiety. Sometimes, this can be as simple as helping your dog associate something they fear with something they like — for instance, giving your pup a treat or puzzle toy every time you leave the house.

More severe cases of separation anxiety can require sitters, medication, vet-supervised therapy, and even taking your dog with you (when possible) to work or events outside the home.

Storms, fireworks, construction noise, and harsh or disruptive noises are also major fear points for dogs. When you’re not home, you can’t control your dog’s experience with that jackhammer outside or the thunderstorm rolling in.

Always consult with your vet about your dog’s anxiety or fear. They will have abundant resources to help you cope, especially for those troubling times when you’re away. Many pet parents choose CBD to help their dogs manage challenging days.

Boredom is another cause of problematic or destructive behavior in dogs. Being stuck at home all day gets repetitive and lonely. Your pup needs mental stimulation. Puzzle toys, snuffle mats, and other rewarding brain games are great for your dog while they’re alone. But don’t forget the importance of interactive, challenging play between your dog and yourself when you’re together.

4. The Homefront

Your pooch needs a safe and comfortable place to live. Just as you do for kids, be sure to keep toxic, dangerous, and easy-to-destroy things put away. 

Not only will you be heartbroken if your dog destroys that fragile antique vase, your pup could also get severe cuts from the shards.

Keep your home at a regulated and comfortable temperature for your dog while you’re away. Calm music has been found to help dogs with separation anxiety. Dogs seem to dig classical music, calm jazz, soft rock, and (surprise) reggae. 

Crating your dog is a surefire way to keep them away from dangerous objects and to keep fragile objects away from them. If your dog is not crated, be sure the windows and outside doors are all securely closed. Don’t rely on a screen to keep your dog away from that squirrel and the great outdoors.

It’s also helpful to put a decal on your door for emergency services, informing them of what and how many animals you have in the home.

5. Have Fun

Sure you’re busy and you have a lot on your mind. But the best way to ensure your dog’s wellness is to spend quality time together.

Make time for your pup just like you do for a partner, kids, or friends.

When you’re home from work, try not to zone out on your phone or the TV. Spend some time playing with your dog — going on walks, playing games, snuggling. Get yourself and your pup out of the house. Fresh air, socializing, and a simple change of scenery can work wonders for both of you.

The love our dogs have for us is unconditional, and it’s our responsibility and joy to reciprocate that, not just with pets and playtime, but with the happiest, safest, healthiest life we can provide for them.

Check out our CBD pet products for more ideas on how to improve your dog’s wellness.


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