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5 Reasons to Give Your Dog CBD

5 Reasons to Give Your Dog CBD

It’s not always easy to know what supplements will work best for your canine loved ones, but we’ve compiled five compelling reasons why CBD might just be the answer. If you’re thinking about giving your dog CBD, it makes sense to do a bit of research first. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. 

It’s no secret anymore that CBD can help to relieve aches and pains in humans. Since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), the compounds in the cannabis plant (called cannabinoids) can play a role in relaxation and reducing inflammation. By helping the ECS remain active for longer periods, CBD assists the flow of beneficial hormones and brings much-needed relief. Your pet can enjoy some of the same benefits.

The science of CBD with pets is fairly new, but so far there aren’t any red flags associated with its use. So long as your dog receives a reasonable serving, they can get more enjoyment and energy out of their day. Pet owners all over the internet rave about how CBD helped their elderly pet roll back the age clock and regain energy.

Let’s explore five reasons to give your dog CBD.

1. Soothe Achy Joints

As your dog enters their twilight years, all that running and jumping starts to catch up with their body. It’s very common for elderly dogs to suffer from joint inflammation and arthritis, and that means they spend less time playing and more time lying down. Even getting up to go outside can be a tough task.

Using the cannabinoids from CBD, your dog can feel more refreshed and energized. With the right serving, they can feel better for hours at a time.

Joint pain isn’t limited to senior citizen dogs, either. Younger dogs — especially those with smaller, longer bodies — can deal with inflammation, too. So, if your dog is lumbering around in discomfort, CBD might be a game changer.

2. When It Gets Loud Outside

It’s a known fact that dogs hate loud noises with a passion. Whether you’re dealing with a fireworks show or a noisy construction crew, loud noises can spook dogs and send them bolting for cover — sometimes even putting them in danger.

By targeting the cannabinoid receptors that moderate mood, CBD may help your loved one keep their cool when things get loud.

For the best results, give your dog a serving of CBD about a half hour before things get noisy. With a dog treat like this one, you may need even more time for the compounds to kick in.

Not all dogs respond to CBD the same way, though. If yours isn’t relaxing like you expected, don’t double down and increase the serving — this can lead to drug tolerance and make it harder for your dog to respond the next time. Instead, wait until the next day and try a larger serving. This is a great way to keep your dog’s ECS fueled up and functional.

3. When Leaving the House

Everybody knows that dogs are man’s best friend. They follow you around the house, sneak into your bed, and love nothing more than having you around. Of course, this can spell disaster when you leave.

CBD offers a safe, natural way to reduce stress and give them comfort when they’re lonely. CBD oil contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) that naturally helps calm the body, moderate stress, and help them relax.

This writer gives his dogs CBD on a weekly basis and, while it doesn’t stop them from missing him, it keeps the barking to a minimum. When you’re away, consider giving your loved ones a healthy serving of CBD oil.

4. Light Pain Relief

cbdfx us pet treatsThere’s no substitute for proper veterinary care, especially not CBD. If your dog is in severe pain, giving them CBD not only won’t help, but it could postpone the care they actually need. In these situations, it’s essential to go see a vet.

However, with light to moderate pain, a CBD dog treat may provide the temporary relief your dog needs to get to sleep. As a non-toxic supplement, CBD oil is preferred by many pet owners to heavier hitting medications.

cbdfx balm pet calming moisturizing mgPlus, by reducing inflammation, CBD may help your dog avoid scratching a painful area, speeding up the healing process and keeping them happy.

Remember, see a vet if your dog is visibly uncomfortable. Otherwise, give CBD a try and see if it helps.

And if your pooch suffers from dry or cracked skin, try a soothing CBD Pet Balm. It not only eases their discomfort, but it also moisturizes and protects against further irritation.

5. On a Plane

It’s hard to think of a pet situation more stressful than air travel, both for you and your dog. To be a courteous passenger, it’s important that you make sure your dog feels calm and comfortable while stowed under the seat.

CBD can help. By sending endocannabinoids flowing into the ECS, CBD can help your dog feel more relaxed and better able to handle their time in the air. A good idea is to try out CBD oil at home to see what dosage works best for your pet. That way, you won’t be scrambling to figure out the right serving on the plane.

The reason some dog owners prefer CBD to other sleep aids is because CBD won’t knock their pets out and make them wake up groggy. For maximum effect, keep your dog off CBD for a few days before the flight, then give them the right serving just before getting on the plane.

Giving Your Dog the Right Serving

If these five reasons to give your dog CBD resonate with you, the next thing to find out is how much to give them. No two dogs respond to cannabis products the same way. It’s up to you to discover their magic dose, and you can do so by starting small and increasing the serving from there.

For a first serving, give your dog about 1mg of CBD oil per pound in body weight. This may end up not being enough, but starting out with less is the smarter way to go.

Wait until the next day to try out a bigger serving, rather than giving them more that same day. Otherwise, their brain could adapt and require more just to get the baseline effect.

Just because CBD is non-toxic doesn’t mean it can’t be overdone. Side effects of too much CBD can include weight changes, fatigue, and diarrhea. Play it safe, and give your dog the best chance at a successful result.

How to Buy Quality CBD

For better or worse, CBD is easy to buy and sell in the U.S. Thanks to recent changes in the law, farmers can now grow hemp and sell it to be formulated into useful products.

The problem? There are too many low-quality CBD products out there, making it tough to know which ones work and which don’t.

Always buy organic. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can weaken the wellness benefits of cannabis, resulting in a waste of your money. Pay a little extra and get something for your dog that will actually help.

It’s also a good idea to look for broad spectrum CBD products. These are the supplements that contain more cannabinoids than just CBD, along with terpenes and other helpful compounds. Broad spectrum, organic CBD tincture oil may be just what your dog needs.

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