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6 Surprising Facts about CBD for Pets

6 Surprising Facts about CBD for Pets

When it comes to your animal loved ones, you would do anything for them, so here are six surprising facts about CBD for pets.

Animals are special, and they aren’t used to the same stresses humans have. For example, we aren’t afraid of fireworks, vacuum cleaners, or the sound of windshield wiper blades (does not apply to all pets), but dogs and cats might be.

CBD can help your pets chill out and relax without putting them at risk of any psychoactive effects, making it different from THC—the other compound in cannabis. Most dog and cat owners have reported that giving their pets CBD yields a positive benefit, and that’s an exciting prospect for the rest of us.

So what makes CBD special? Let’s take a look at six surprising things you may not have known about it.

Pets Have Special CBD Receptors

Did you know that Mother Nature bred your loved one to respond to CBD in a unique way? That’s right, all mammals are born with an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that activates to produce certain effects. You have the same system in your body, although the way it manifests is probably a little different.

The ECS comprises receptors all throughout the body, resulting in some powerful reactions when cannabinoids like CBD are introduced. Many people use hemp-derived products like CBD to treat inflammation and stress, and the same benefits can be achieved in pets!

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, works by suppressing the brain’s enzymes once the ECS is activated, providing for longer sustained periods of hormone products and reception. Basically, what this means is the body can enjoy more time in the “happy chemicals” zone without any risk of toxicity.

CBD Is Non-Toxic

We humans put a lot of stuff in our bodies that may not belong there. While our digestive system can handle quite a lot of junk food (Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, whole porterhouse steaks, bacon-donut sandwiches, etc.), the same does not always apply to dogs and cats. This can make it tough to know which treats will work for them.

CBD is a great treat because it poses virtually no risk of dangerous side effects. Obviously this doesn’t mean you should use CBD treats as training bits, but giving them one or even two biscuits a day will not hurt them.

Keep in mind, CBD isn’t the same as THC. They may come from the same plant, but THC is a lot more dangerous and could even lead to bradycardia where the animal’s heart rate drops to a dangerously low level.

In short, CBD is safe, but the same cannot be said for THC.

CBD Is Used to Treat Seizures

A girl sitting with her dogCannabinoids weren’t discovered all that long ago. Around the 1990s, scientists learned that cannabis was able to trigger the body’s ECS and stimulate hormone development to do things like reduce inflammation, increase feelings of calm, and help people fall asleep. Later on, however, they also found out that CBD could treat certain forms of epilepsy.

Since that discovery, people have been a little more adventurous in trying out CBD for their pet’s seizures. And guess what? It seems to work!

While veterinarians aren’t legally able to prescribe CBD for pets yet (it isn’t legal to do so until laws change), more and more people are asking about whether or not they should give their loved ones a dose of CBD.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

If you have an older pet that hobbles around and just doesn’t seem to have the energy of yesteryear, CBD can help. Many pet owners report giving their loved ones a daily dose of CBD for inflammation and joint pain, and they notice sudden bursts of energy that weren’t there before. In some cases, pets are jumping and running around in ways they weren’t able to do for years.

This can help pets find energy to be more mobile and active, and it can also help them sleep more easily at night. CBD is no substitute for a trip to the vet of course, but it’s a great way to help your pets find respite from the pain of their golden years.

Fireworks Can Be Less Scary

Another great way to use CBD is during loud noise situations, such as when fireworks go off. This is a common problem to all city-dwelling dog and cat owners—the holidays are fun for all until the sun goes down and the blasts start sounding off. Pets run and hide, and it can take hours before they feel safe again.

CBD can be a nice way to curb that stress and help your pet feel a little less paranoid during such events. They may still be scared, but the relaxation makes it a little easier for them to stay in place and not bolt under the couch.

Keep the Noise to a Minimum

Do your dogs bark whenever people come over to visit? Do your cats howl at you incessantly? CBD may be able to help. The writer of this article finds CBD treats to be incredibly helpful whenever there may be a company that could cause a lot of noise.

CBD works by targeting some of the receptors of the body’s central nervous system, allowing it to work all over the body. This provides a calming effect that can help your pet keep their cool even during stressful situations.

Hemp Products Have Been Used for a Long Time

A hemp fieldWhile scientists may have discovered the ECS in the 90s, the truth is ancient cultures have been using hemp oils for thousands of years to treat pain and help with sleep. There’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence suggesting that people can find pain relief and relaxation when given hemp oil.

As mentioned earlier, there really isn’t much risk to using CBD. This lack of psychoactivity and dangerous side effects is what makes CBD such a great candidate for medical applications. Taking it—even large doses on a daily basis—does not result in overdose or toxic complications.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

A good rule of thumb is to start with roughly one milligram per pound. If your pet weighs 15 lbs, 15 mg is a good dose to try out. As you become more and more familiar with how your pet reacts with it, you can increase or decrease the dose as necessary.

Mainly, don’t go overboard. CBD can take about an hour to kick in, so be patient as you wait and see what happens. Most pet owners notice a gradual slip into relaxation where animals find a comfy seat and take a nice snooze.

In Closing

Always buy organic, lab-tested products for your pet. It’s not worth giving them a bargain biscuit just to save money. They don’t work as well, and they can even be harmful. Spend the extra money and get something that will give your pet the benefit they can enjoy.

Best of luck!

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