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7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate National Pet Day?

April 11 is National Pet Day, and while this may not be a well-known holiday like the Fourth of July, or Valentine’s Day, it’s undoubtedly a fun excuse for pet owners to throw a party.

We’re sure you’re always celebrating your pet, in one way or another—taking selfies with your furry friend for social media, trying new treats, or just showing them off in general because they’re the cutest thing in the world. 

But National Pet Day offers yet another excuse to celebrate your pet. It’s an opportunity to go above and beyond what you do on an average day.

Research shows that having a pet in your life improves physical and mental health—lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, easing depression, boosting your mood, and reducing stress levels.

So while we’re sure your pet is always included in your holiday celebrations (anyone else spending too much money on pet Halloween costumes?!), it’s time to turn the focus on them for once. 

How do you celebrate a holiday like National Pet Day? Here are a few fun ideas to try so you can properly party with your pet. 

1. Go on an Adventure

Pets love routine. They want to know when you’re getting up, when you’re going to start paying attention to them, and most importantly, what time you’re going to feed them.

However, sometimes a break from routine can be an exciting way to expose them to something new. If you’re both stuck in a rut, consider going on a new adventure to celebrate the holiday. 

This trip doesn’t have to be anything wild or far out. It could be as simple as spending extra time outside in a new park, or taking your pet on a different walk route, past some new smells. Whatever it is, it’s just important that you’re getting your pet excited about something new.

2. Pamper Your Pet

When you have a day off, you probably spend at least some of the time treating yourself to something nice or doing some self-care. Doesn’t your pet deserve the same every once in a while?

Brainstorm some ways to pamper your pet. Maybe that’s getting combed with a special brush or an extra-long nap in the sun. Depending on whether your pet likes getting groomed, you could also give them a full spa treatment. 

Your pet will get some extra attention, and you get to feel like an awesome pet parent. And if you have any spare time, our pets aren’t the only ones who could use a little pampering—you can consider adding some relaxation and rest time for yourself too!

3. Make Special Treats

cbdfx pet treat

If you’re a dog owner, you know your pup is always thinking about food. They’re waiting for you to drop something in the kitchen while you cook or to let them lick the plate clean at the end of dinner.

To celebrate the holiday, why not spoil them with special treats? You can find tons of easy homemade dog treat recipes to try with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. You can impress your dog with your home cooking (and watch how happy they get when they realize that the snacks are all for them this time). 

If your dog takes any CBD products, especially for something like mobility issues, this is also an excellent opportunity to give them their dose. Applying CBD pet tinctures to dry dog treats and letting it set into the treat is an easy way to give your dog CBD.

PS – if making treats isn’t your idea of a relaxing day, you can also consider buying pre-made CBD Pet Treats for Joint and Mobility treats for your pup.

4. Have a National Pet Day Party with Friends!

cbdfx pet partyHave any other pet parents in your life who want to celebrate their special companion? Plan a group party with your friends to put together an even bigger celebration.

You don’t need to go overboard with the planning; a party can be as simple as meeting at a local park for some fun playtime and a few treats. If your pet friends aren’t in the same city, you could also put together a video call for both furry friends and human friends.

As part of the party, consider organizing some fun activities. Maybe you all go around and tell stories about your pet or what you love about them. Perhaps a costume contest can inspire some fun outfits.

And if you have people around, it’s also an excellent opportunity to have a fun photoshoot with your pet. Get someone to snap pictures of you and your pet, so you can remember how you celebrated this holiday for years to come!

5. Buy Your Pet a New Toy

National Pet Day is the perfect time to spoil your pet. If there’s a particular toy that your pet loves, this is the perfect time to buy one (or 10) for them. 

One of the best things about National Pet Day is that your pet doesn’t know it’s a holiday. So when they get a special treat, they’re going to be surprised—and that reaction is going to be priceless! 

6. Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

Making donations to nonprofits that support pets is another perfect way to celebrate the day. One of the original reasons that National Pet Day was started was to bring attention to the many pets living in shelters, waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

You know how much joy your pet has brought into your life, and giving back supports animal shelters providing the same thing for other future pet parents. 

Consider contacting animal rescue operations to see if you can arrange to volunteer. If you can’t currently spend time volunteering, you can also donate funds or things like food, blankets, or toys to your local shelter. 

7. Do Nothing… Together!

cbdfx photo lifestyle gummies acv  jul  Alright, be honest, do you really need to do anything with your pet to have a fun time? Does your pet need the entertainment to enjoy spending time with you?

You don’t have to do anything in particular to celebrate National Pet Day. While it could be fun to make a special celebration, you know how to show your pet that you care: spend quality time together.

You can celebrate with your pet through some extra bonding time. Give some extra cuddles, or take a long nap. You know what your pet likes.  

cbdfx photo product bathbomb recharge soothing  oct  This has the benefit of relaxing you as well. Maybe you want to take a CBD gummy or use something like a CBD bath bomb to help grow feelings of calm and be more present with your pet.

However you choose to celebrate National Pet Day, you can’t go wrong. Quality time spent with your pet is always fun—so whatever your celebration looks like, enjoy the day! 

Interested in incorporating CBD into your pet’s routine?

Check out CBDfx’s collection of CBD products for pets! And if your pet suffers from dry or cracked skin, try our CBD Pet Balm.


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