A Few Wild Greens, Foraging a Neighbor’s Yard

By | November 29, 2018

Filmed November 21, 2018 from Central Indiana. Foraging a few of the wild plants I use to make green drinks. I DO NOT eat the greens outright but instead I juice them. The fiber of a FEW greens is fine for most people (not me as I can not process them due to Mal absorption) but TOO MANY in one sitting is not possible to chew up or process the amount of fiber in those greens. By JUICING, we can take on much more of the nutrients and medicine which is in these Lovely WILD Plants. *IMPORTANT WARNING:* NEVER EAT anything you have not 100% identified and tested in a small amount. *IMPORTANT NOTE:* The FUTURE is uncertain. PLEASE LEARN the WILD plants in Nature that you can safely consume and also use as MEDICINE. Thank You for Watching! Much Love to ALL! (see below for more information)

ALL PLANTS referred to in this video are listed below with links to more information but PLEASE RESEARCH these and many other wild plants in your area.

*NEVER EAT ANYTHING you have not 100% identified through several sources*

Broad Leaf Dock, AKA, Bitter Dock (Rumex obtusifolia)
The Uses of Dock Herbs by courtneybrad

Ohio Perennial and Biennial Weed Guide: Broadleaf Dock (Rumex obtusifolia)

Curly Dock, aka, Yellow Dock:
YELLOW DOCK USES by Mike Reed Outdoors

Harvesting Curly Dock! EAT THIS WEED! by Wisconsin Wonder Garden

courtneybrad channel
Goldenrod and it’s uses

Health Benefits of Goldenrod ARTICLE by The Herbal Academy

Wild Onion:

Garlic Mustard:

Purple Dead Nettle:
Mint Leaves Health Benefits by Ryan Taylor

Pine Needle:


Canadian Thistle:

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