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Are There CBD Drops for Dogs?

Are There CBD Drops for Dogs?

Dog parents across the country want to know if there are CBD drops for dogs?

Of course, there are! 

Finding healthy solutions for dogs can be challenging, but CBD may be the answer. CBD work wonders for dogs, helping out four-legged friends with everything from muscle and joint discomfort to stressful encounters. 

If your four-legged pal needs some comfort and relaxation, you may want to see how well they respond to CBD.

Let’s dig into this subject a little more. 

Does CBD Even Work on Dogs?

CBD and other cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS), something all mammals have. Just like you, your dog’s ECS springs into action when hemp-based supplements are introduced, leading to feelings of relaxation and comfort.

That means your dog’s response to CBD may be similar to your response. Once the ECS gets going, it sends hormones out to organs throughout the body. CBD merely keeps the ECS active for longer by suppressing the natural enzymes that come in to neutralize the process and clean everything up.

Does it work?

The AKC says maybe, but at the very least, CBD isn’t dangerous to use on dogs.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

cbdfx us blog Are There CBD Drops for Dogs with sneakersWhile it’s essential to monitor the amount of CBD your dog gets, there’s not much risk of a dangerous overdose. It would take thousands of milligrams to threaten a dog’s wellbeing, so as long as you store CBD in a safe location, giving your dog a healthy serving is easy.

As far as the actual serving amount, you want to start with a small amount and see how your dog responds. This is an important step because you want to make sure your dog feels CBD oil’s therapeutic benefits. 

If you start with a larger amount, your dog may develop a tolerance to the product, which can be counterproductive for various reasons. 

You’ll always have to adjust the serving amount here and there. So make sure to keep track of how much you’re giving them because it makes the process easier to keep track of. 

When Should I Give My Dog CBD?

If you feel like your dog might need CBD, there’s no risk in introducing them to CBD. 

However, CBD should never be a substitute for a visit to the vet. CBD is not a miracle cure, so if your dog displays symptoms, seek medical attention from your veterinarian. 

However, CBD can be a nice stopgap or even remedy to get your pup through the night when they have certain types of body discomfort. For older dogs, joint discomfort can immobilize them and keep them from living a comfortable life. But a daily serving of CBD may be able to roll back the clock on those dog years.

Your dog could benefit from a dose of CBD when:

    • • Their joints ache more than usual
    • • They have trouble sleeping
    • • They won’t eat their food
    • • They’re alone longer than usual
    • • They’re unusually barky

There are even dog treats specially formulated for both stress and joint discomfort. If you’re unsure what to give your dog, treats like these are an easy way to help them get the relief they need.

Will Any CBD Product Work?

cbdfx photo lifestyle pettreats  dec  When purchasing hemp-based supplements—especially for the first time—you want a high-quality product. 

This is especially true for CBD oil, which has become a popular wellness supplement. If your dog doesn’t seem to be responding to a CBD oil, it may be a quality issue. 

Products formulated from non-organic isolate CBD powders aren’t likely to work as well as organic CBD oil that still contains other compounds from its mother plant.

You should always buy organic whenever possible. The cost for these products is marginally higher, but the benefits far outperform those of cheaper products. Plus, organic CBD oil won’t put your dog at risk of residual synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

Organic CBD oil contains terpenes and a variety of cannabinoids that, when working in concert, can have the best benefit for your dog. Terpenes, most notably known for giving plants their taste and smell, also have their own unique benefits. 

Cannabinoids like CBG behave differently than CBD, so including them in a supplement can only help. If there’s one takeaway here, it’s to spend the extra bucks for a higher quality product instead of hoping one of the budget items will work exceptionally well.

While we’re on the subject, remember to keep your servings spaced out as much as possible. Just like humans, dogs can develop tolerance. Maintaining small serving amounts ensures they get the best possible benefit from their CBD throughout their regimen.

Buying Quality Products

cbdfx photo lifestyle petbalm  mar  Not sure about which CBD oil will work for your dog? Check the product’s lab report

These are third-party tests that tell you all you need to know about what’s in a CBD oil supplement. 

You’ll know if the source hemp was grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, whether there are any leftover solvents from when the oil was produced, and if any dangerous mycotoxins made it into the product.

Lab reports also tell you precisely how much CBD is in your bottle of CBD oil, giving you peace of mind that the serving you give your dog will be accurate and, more importantly, safe.

CBD drops for dogs can be an excellent way to give them the quality of life they deserve. If your dog takes other medications, it may be worth asking your veterinarian whether there will be any side effects when combined with CBD.

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