Backyard Foraging

By | June 18, 2014

Backyard foraging puts a whole new spin on making a garden salad! If your favourite edible weeds are not in your yard then be sure to collect the seeds and plant a garden. Container gardening works as well! Planting a wild edible garden makes sustainable gardening a success. More than ever, having sustainable food is critical because we live in a fragile world.

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The following lists the edible wild pants (identification, distinguishing features, flowers, leaves, height, habitat & edible parts) on my web site that were listed in this video:

– Burdock:
– Cleavers:
– Ground Ivy:
– Curly Dock (Yellow Dock):
– Daisy Fleabane:
– Garlic Mustard:
– Goldenrod:
– Harebell:
– Lamb’s Quarters:
– Vervain Mallow:
– Motherwort:
– Mullein:
– New England Aster:
– Peppergrass:
– Broadleaf Plantain:
– St. John’s Wort:
– Wild Phlox (Dame’s Rocket or Sweet Rocket):
– Wild Strawberry:
– Wintercress (Yellow Rocket):
– Wood Sorrel:

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