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Beach Bod Basics – CBDfx.com

Summer isn’t just beach season. It’s also beach bod season. Coming out of a pandemic year, in which many of us spent our time in comfy sweats and gained the infamous Quarantine 15, this can be extra challenging.

Today, let’s take a look at how CBD might help us achieve our beach-ready fitness goals. 

From more effective workouts and faster recovery to better rest and focus, there are a number of reasons more and more people are looking to CBD to supplement their fitness regimes.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in cannabis and also produced by the body. It’s not psychoactive and doesn’t cause a “high.” Instead, it interacts with receptors in our Endocannabinoid System, closely integrated with our central and peripheral nervous systems. It also encourages our body to produce its own cannabinoids.

 Because of its wide spectrum of therapeutic benefits, CBD is one of the hottest wellness products around today.

How Can CBD Help Me Get My Beach Bod?

Athletes, from runners to bodybuilders, look to CBD for a host of fitness benefits. From soothing sore muscles to getting healthful rest, people find that CBD combined with proper nutrition and a smart fitness plan can help them reach their goals quickly and safely.

Let’s look at some practical ways CBD can supplement your routine and help you get to your desired beach bod.


cbdfx photo lifestyle gummies mens jun A healthy body begins with good nutrition. Eating whole foods and superfoods and cutting down on processed snacks and meals is, of course, the foundation of any healthy diet. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains are the best path not only to your ideal beach body, but also to sustainable, lifelong fitness and health.

After a healthy diet, proper supplements are a great way to keep an exercising body operating in top form. Providing the right amounts of vitamins, protein, and antioxidants before and after workouts is vital. 

A good multivitamin not only provides essential nutrients it also helps with energy and mood. Multivitamins supplemented with CBD are available in formulas specifically designed for women or men. They offer an ideal way to incorporate the soothing effects of CBD into your supplement strategy.

cbdfx uk photo product protein cookie chocolate chip may Protein is the post-workout go-to supplement. With 13 grams of protein, a CBD protein cookie is a great snack after a good workout, and ingesting CBD through an edible typically provides longer-lasting effects, often lasting 4–6 hours.

Muscle Recovery

To make progress in your fitness routine, your muscles need to rest and recover properly. This is where CBD truly shines as a fitness supplement. 

Many athletes believe CBD helps their muscles, soft tissues, and joints recover faster from workouts. Using a CBD cream with menthol to soothe sore muscles and joints provides not only the therapeutic benefits of CBD and menthol, but the bonus of a good massage. A good rub down not only makes those sore muscles feel better, but also helps them recover. Topicals like cooling and calming balms and creams take your sports massage to a new level.

But, suppose you’re looking for a recovery option that isn’t topical. In that case, gummies boosted with superfood anti-inflammatories or a wellness tincture supplemented with antioxidants like Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10 are ideal additions to your recovery regime.


cbdfx photo lifestyle nightcapsules mar It always comes back to good sleep. It’s the key not only to good focus and concentration, but also to healthy muscle recovery and growth

CBN, or cannabinol, is the cannabinoid that promotes relaxation. Combined with CBD, it enables the Entourage Effect, a synergistic process where cannabinoids work in combination for even better effect. Supplements like CBD + CBN Night Capsules can help put both your mind and body at ease for a good night’s rest.

For many of us, melatonin and chamomile are the first names in natural rest boosters. A CBD gummy capitalizes on those ingredients and boosts them with the restful benefits of CBD.

Promoting calm and rest is the most bountiful area of CBD options, and there’s certainly one out there to fit your lifestyle, including bath bombs and face masks for a bit of luxurious self-care. Who says your beach bod plan is restricted to spin classes and the gym?

Calm & Confident

cbdfx photo product gummies original nov Every body is a beach body. Whether you work out or not, you should love your body for what it is.

Societal expectations – reinforced by magazines, social media, and gym marketing campaigns — easily prey on our insecurities and self-doubt.

Many people choose CBD because of the therapeutic benefits it can have on your mood. Our calming tincture combines CBD with the “relaxation cannabinoid” CBN. It comes in multiple strengths, making it easier to lock in on your perfect dosage.

Gummies are a popular and tasty choice for a calming boost of CBD, and chill shots are drinks that will easily fit in your beach bag for a refreshing treat, with an added dash of soothing CBD, calming L-theanine, and vitamins.


It’s not just your muscles that need to do the heavy lifting when it comes to a productive and sustainable fitness regime. A focused mind helps you stay on-task and committed.

cbdfx photo lifestyle morningcapsules mar A calm, rested, confident mind is a focused mind. Some people prefer a morning capsule with caffeine, focusing L-Tyrosine and an Entourage Effect-boosting combo of CBD and CBG to help them start their day right, whether they’re headed to the gym or the office. 

A focus shot fits handily in your work or gym bag for a tasty burst of energy and focus whenever you need it.

Whether you’re hitting the gym to burn off those extra pounds and carve your dream beach bod, or you’re simply getting ready to strut your stuff with confidence, CBD can help you along the way.

Body positivity is about loving your body just as it is. Bringing your happiest, healthiest self to the beach is the best way possible to get a beach bod.


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