best flowers for garden and hanging baskets in summer, Portulaca

By | July 29, 2018

the best flower for garden and hanging basket, Portulaca, low maintenance plants, portulaca plants are good for hanging basket, groundcover for sunny banks, rockery pockets and between paving, where they will quickly spread a carpet of brightly coloured, single or double rose-like flowers. Portulaca is drought tolerant, need full sun, are a “Time flower” because the flower opens and closes at specific times of the day. Portulacas are annual succulents. They will flower from summer up until the first frost. Portulacas does not require particularly nutrient-rich soil. They grow easily in sandy soils with little water and almost no attention. The only important requirement for this hardy little plant is full sun. The flowers will only open in bright sunlight. Bees are crazy for Portulaca flowers.
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