Boiling Water in a Bull Kelp Float

By | October 16, 2016

Testing a natural container made of Seaweed in the Pacific Northwest ! It’s a technique I’ve seen on Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival show. In season 5 the episode is called ”Coastal Catastrophe”. Matt uses a bull kelp container to collect rainwater and , around 50 minutes in, Matt and Joe use these containers to cook there fish. I want to see how well these bull kelp containers hold water and see if I can get water boiling over a fire.

Bull Kelp is huge it has a single stem called a stipe (comparable to a tree trunk i guess), that grows 36 meters long in a single year. It’s known to be the fastest growing plant on earth it grows on average 17cm per day.
The stipe or stem reaches the surface of the water and grows a float that’s averaged 4 to 6 inches in diameter. This float contains carbon monoxide which allows it to float and reach surface, from here the long narrow leaves called blades can catch sunlight. The float is the part that I am interested in, once cut, it’s shape makes it a perfect container.

Please note this is an amazing plant and it is protected in many areas. You cannot gather it in the water when it is vertical or growing and living. Here, It is washed up on shore in a bundle, it has already reproduced and it is now dead and will slowly begin rotting away. So, I am NOT harming the plant in any means by gathering it. You cannot gather it in the water when it is vertical/growing and living. Always follow local regulations and ask questions to authorities before you do anything.

If you gather wild edibles make sure you are 100 % sure of your identification, use many sources of information, not just a video or a book. With Kelp, don’t use rotting plants, try to find some that are fresh but don’t cut them when they are in the water, or alive as a stated earlier.

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Sous-titre en français disponible !
Un petite test pour voir si je peux bouillir de l’eau dans un Bull Kelp ! J’ai vu cette idée dans Dual Survival.

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