Broadleaf Plantain, an amazing wild edible & medicinal plant

By | September 14, 2020

Plantago Major otherwise known as broadleaf or common plantain is one of the many in the plantain family with both nutritional values & medicinal properties. It’s my “Go To” for insect bites & stings as well as numerous other skin irritations. Quite often I find it works fast for me than most over the counter remedies. Young leaves can be added to salads for a delicious treat but older leaves tend to get tough so they are best used cooked in soups or stews. Finding broadleaf plantain or any of its close plantain relatives is fairly simple as it grows all over North America, Europe & Asia.

This video is NOT intended to be medical advice! Please do your own research when dealing with any wild edible or medicinal plant. Be safe my friends!

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