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Herb Fairy on Mugwort Blackberry

Herb Fairy on Mugwort Blackberry, Our Beautiful Herbal Fairy is again buzzing from herb to herb plant to plant always enlightening us with her intimate knowledge of the plant kingdom…of course always consult with your health care provider before taking any herbal or medicinal…

How to Make Cream with Herbs, Part 1

How to Make Cream with Herbs, Part 1 Part 1 of 4. This video teaches you how to make cream, how to make lotion, or herbal lotion and herbal cream. Watch Simone Oliver make herbal lotions and creams in this how to make cream video.

Plantain: Plantago major: Sting Remedy

Plantain: Plantago major: Sting Remedy The plantain, or plantago major, is effective as a wasp sting remedy. The plantago lanceolata, the plantain herb is also great as a sting remedy. Watch this video and learn more about uses of plantain.

Comfrey Herb: Symphytum officinale

Comfrey Herb: Symphytum officinale This video is about comfrey herb, scientifically called symphytum officinale. We discuss comfrey information, comfrey uses, like how to make comfrey poultice. This sprain home remedy heals broken bones, and is also a bruise remedy and a burn remedy.…

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

The prescription to your health problems could be in your garden. We learn about medicinal plants and what they do. Check with your doctor first!