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Sautéed Purslane Recipe (a SUPERFOOD!) | Life’s Little Sweets

Sautéed Purslane Recipe (a SUPERFOOD!) | Life's Little Sweets

Full, Printable Recipe, List of Kitchen Tools, Step-by-Step Photos, & Tutorial Video: This Sautéed Purslane recipe has the superfood purslane sauteed with soy sauce, garlic, and olive oil. It’s so simple, healthy, and takes only minutes to prepare this…

Goldenrod Recipes (Solidago) – (Edible Flower) | Life’s Little Sweets

Goldenrod Recipes (Solidago) - (Edible Flower) | Life's Little Sweets

Goldenrod Recipes – Here is a list of recipes on the blog made with the leaves and flowers of the Goldenrod plant (Solidago). Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE (Thank you!): FULL POST: My Amazon Influencer Shop #affiliate :

The Healing Powers of Goldenrod

The Healing Powers of Goldenrod

Join the Herbal Jedi in learning about Solidago canadensisis (Goldenrod), one of the most common herbs found throughout North America. In this video you will learn: -How to Identify this Plant -Many of the Health Benefits -How to Prepare it…