Home News CBD and Yoga – Pairing CBD with Your Favorite Relaxation Activity

CBD and Yoga – Pairing CBD with Your Favorite Relaxation Activity

CBD and Yoga – Pairing CBD with Your Favorite Relaxation Activity

How CBD and Yoga Are the Perfect Combo

CBD has proven useful in our day to day activities, from improving sleep, focus during the day, relaxation, beauty, among others. And now, CBD may be the latest ingredient on your yoga mat.

The world we live in is already filled with stress from working long hours, deadlines, illnesses, financial or relationship problems at home.

We need to release this stress; otherwise, it accumulates and harms us in the long run.

To lower stress and maintain mental and physical health, an increasing number of Americans are turning to the ancient discipline of yoga.

When effectively practiced, yoga can help you calm down, reflect, meditate, and let go of the stress and anxiety that steals not only your happiness but also hinders your productivity.

Yoga benefits are satisfactory as it has helped millions across the globe take control of their lives, freeing them from the constant worries and fears in their lives while improving their physical strength.

However, yoga is not the only thing people are using to relax. Americans are also turning to a natural compound, CBD, that has taken the health and wellness industries by storm.

What if there is a way to combine the health benefits of CBD with the relaxing and healing power of yoga?

How Yoga and CBD Work

New workout programs are invented every day; most of them come and go. Yoga, on the other hand, has been around for more than 5,000 years, and it’s only getting popular.

Yoga is not your everyday exercise; it does more than burning calories and toning your muscles. It also works out your mind.

There are more than 100 different forms of yoga, each differing in intensity, techniques, movements, benefits, and the use of props. There are yoga poses that target just about every part of your body. The most popular types of yoga include:

Vinyasa Yoga – Involves linking movements with breath. The postures in this type of yoga flow into one another in a flowing sequence called Vinyasa flow.

Hatha – This form combines basic movements with breath. It is slower-paced and more focused on stretching.

Power Yoga – This is a more active approach to traditional yoga poses, focused on building more strength.

Bikram – Also called Hot Yoga, it is a prescribed set of 26 postures and breathing exercises done in a heated room.

Ashtanga – Same as the Vinyasa yoga, but it follows a prescribed sequence of poses.

Restorative yoga – This style uses a few gentle poses that are held for extended periods. It also includes gentle stretches that many people find very relaxing.

Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits

Movements, poses, and relaxation techniques in yoga provide several physical benefits to your body. These include:

  • Increased muscle strength– There are specific poses designed to build and strengthen muscle
  • It can help improve breathing – Most forms of yoga incorporate breathing exercises and techniques. Several studies have found that these could improve breathing. One study on students who took a 15-week yoga class found that they had a significant increase in their vital capacity.
  • Improve energy
  • Weight reduction – Practicing yoga may help you lose weight.
  • Improve cardio and respiratory health.
  • Improve flexibility and balanceStudies suggest that practicing yoga can significantly increase flexibility and balance.

Mental Benefits

Aside from the physical benefits, yoga incorporates meditation and breathing techniques that can help improve your mental health.

Regular practice provides mental clarity, calmness, and promotes concentration. Some of these benefits have been observed in CBD.

Like CBD, yoga may also help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

CBD for Yoga Practice

CBD, or Cannabidiol in full, is one of the cannabinoids present in the cannabis Sativa plant.

Cannabis and yoga is an age-old combination that was separated by the laws and public attitude towards marijuana.

However, due to recent legalization efforts and hemp legalization by the 2018 Farm Bill, the combination is now making a comeback.

Cannabis is considered one of the five sacred plants in the Vedas, and there is evidence of it being used in yoga practice.

CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This is the complex system responsible for maintaining homeostasis in our bodies.

This interaction is thought to bring about effects such as improvement of mood, anxiety, relaxation, reducing inflammation and pain, among others.

The best part about CBD is that it’s not psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high.

Instead, it’s said to calm you down, relax you, and sharpen your concentration. These are some of the reasons why it may be the perfect ingredient to improve your yoga experience.

How CBD Can Improve Your Yoga Experience

Most benefits of yoga and CBD overlap or complement each other. That means combining them may lead to more substantial outcomes and make your experience smoother.

Here is why CBD and yoga are the perfect combos.

Improve Recovery

Yoga can be very relaxing, but it also involves hard work. A yoga session may include physical activities such as planks, push-ups, and other movements aimed at increasing body strength.

CBD can help you recover after an energy-draining class by reducing inflammation, soreness, and relaxing your muscles. CBD oil is also used for pain relief; it may help reduce muscle aches and joint pains.

Clear Your Thoughts

A large part of yoga involves getting in tune with your inner awareness. You can’t do that if there are thousands of thoughts running through your mind, distracting and disturbing your peace.

Yoga requires you to fully reclaim your mind, although it is not that easy.

CBD can help enhance focus and concentration. By interacting with the ECS, CBD can help you relax your mind.

Studies suggest that by interacting with the ECS, CBD may help promote balance in the body’s internal environment.

This may help reduce fear and anxiety.

Improve Mind-body Connection

Yoga is more than exercise. It requires a more profound mind-body connection. This requires practitioners to allow their thoughts to influence their bodies positively.

Positive thinking is essential when attempting to connect with your mind and body, and it can be marred by anxiety and even depression. CBD may help you experience a sense of calm and relieve stress helping your mind achieve clarity required for meditation and the mind-body connection.

CBD affects the body’s levels of serotonin and anandamide. These neurotransmitters are usually associated with happiness and wellbeing.

CBD can, therefore, help you achieve a deeper mind-body connection required to practice yoga effectively.

Improve Sleep

Sleep is crucial in maintaining focus and concentration as well as recovery. During sleep, the body can repair itself, especially after strenuous activity. Sleep is, therefore, crucial if you are to practice yoga effectively.

Reduce Pain

Injuries can occur during a yoga class. Common injuries include wrist pain, neck tightness, and lower back pain.

Anecdotal evidence and research suggest that CBD can help manage this form of physical discomfort.

Take Away: CBD and Yoga

CBD makes an important addition to your yoga practice, and whether you are a true master or a beginner, you can always use a little help.

Both are meant to help improve your physical and mental health.

However, CBD isn’t a cure-all, there are other factors to consider if you are to get the most out of your yoga practice, but it is a useful tool to help prepare your body and mind before and after a class.

CBD also has other benefits that are not relevant to yoga. If you are unsure of its effects or dosage, ensure that you consult your doctor.


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