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Dealing With Back-to-Office Anxiety? – CBDfx.com

Dealing With Back-to-Office Anxiety? – CBDfx.com

This last year left most of us a nervous wreck. A year stuck in the house, glued to the television awaiting any new information hinting to the “light at the end of a very long tunnel.” As a result of the pandemic, we all switched gears and began working from home. Sure, there are some ups and downs associated with working from home, but you’ve adjusted nonetheless. 

Now it’s time to go back to the office, and you’re left trying to sort through a slew of emotions — anxiety, frustration, and confusion for the most part. In short, it’s called back-to-office anxiety (yes, it’s a real thing). A recent study found 66% of the population worry about health and safety when returning to the office. 

If you’re concerned about going back to the office, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips to make the transition as smoothly as possible. 

Stay Positive and Optimistic

Have you noticed things seem to work out better when you go into a situation with an optimistic attitude? You get back what you put out, so take a deep breath and stay calm when the time comes. Numbers are decreasing with a good percentage of the US population already vaccinated.  

If you find yourself having a hard time finding your calm space, there are some things you can do. First, try starting your day with some positive affirmations — something that settles nerves and negative thoughts. Affirmations are an excellent method to reprogram your mind in various ways, because you tell yourself something until you (and your mind) believe it. 

It’s also important to filter the type of information you’re exposed to. When you keep the news on for too long or scroll longer than you should on social media, you encounter all sorts of crazy stuff that can generate stress and anxiety

Deep Breathing Always Helps 

cbdfx us blog breathingNever underestimate the power of a few deep breaths. The practice of deep breathing to achieve a better physical and mental state and a balanced life dates back to ancient times. There are plenty of ways to incorporate deep breathing into your day if you start to feel tense and anxious. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to be mindful of how you feel to stop and take a deep breath when needed. When you do this, remind yourself everything is fine in that very moment — in the “now.”

You can use all kinds of deep breathing techniques to stay calm and present throughout the day. We suggest trying a few different methods to see what accommodates you the most. And sometimes, you may find a particular situation calls for a specific type of breathing exercise.

Talk It Out if You Need To 

We can all, most likely, agree there’s something therapeutic about talking through your emotions (that’s why psychologists get paid the big bucks). Still, you can often just talk things out with a friend or family member.

Talking through your problems helps you overcome those obstacles, releasing any stress and anxiety attached to it. This happens because you’re able to see the issue from different angles, especially when the person you’re talking to provides valuable insight. Sometimes we can’t see everything clearly on our own, and that’s okay because everyone needs a shoulder to lean on now and then — or an ear, in this case. 

Create a “Back-to-Office” Survival Pack

So what if it’s been a while since you’ve been out there in the world, nothing’s changed (for the most part). One of the best things you can do is create a personal “back-to-office” survival pack, full of CBD-infused goodies to keep you chilled out and focused during your day. Sure, your ideal pack may vary a bit, but this should get the creative juices flowing. 

CBD Sublingual Strips

Everyone has gum, mints, or breath-freshening strips on hand. Why not get minty-fresh breath and the balancing effects of CBD at the same time? This 15mg strip is the perfect daytime amount, allowing your mind to focus on the tasks ahead of you instead of the “what ifs.”

CBD Cookies with Protein

cbdfx photo product cookies  feb  You know the scenario. It’s mid-morning, and your stomach is rumbling quite aggressively, but lunch is an hour-ish away. When hunger hits, things can seem like they’re spiraling out of control, when in reality, you’re just hangry. Stay prepared; keep a few CBD cookies in your bag. There’s no doubt 20mg of broad spectrum CBD and 13g of protein will keep you calm, collected, and full until lunch. 

CBD Gummies

cbdfx photo lifestyle gummies  apr  If you love a sweet treat with tons of benefits, then you have to incorporate CBD gummies into your survival pack. This discrete option takes a tasty approach to health and wellness, with plenty of wellness-enhancing formulations available, like Turmeric & Spirulina, Multivitamins, and Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Many people worry about CBD making them feel sleepy or drowsy during the day, but you can avoid this by taking the right amount. In fact, smaller amounts of CBD actually enhance focus and concentration. 

CBD Focus Shot

cbdfx photo lifestyle focusshot  aug  If you’re worried about going back to the office, chances are you might be concerned when you get there and try to work. We lose focus for many reasons during the day, with the most common being stress, anxiety, distractions, trouble sleeping, and interruptions from co-workers. 

A CBD Focus Shot is one of those products you have to try once to truly appreciate. Instead of having two or three cups of coffee a day (leaving you to crash soon after), you can take advantage of a CBD drink with 75mg of natural caffeine and 20mg of broad spectrum CBD — minus the jitters or crash. 

Looking Ahead 

Change is often scary and intimidating, but it’s necessary for growth. We endured a tough year, but it’s on to better times. It’s natural to be nervous about going back to the office, but CBD helps you keep those nerves in check, so you can hit the ground running like you never left!

Ready to put your “Back-to-Office” survival pack together? 

Visit our CBD Edibles page to get started!


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