Home CBD Education Does CBD Vape Juice Have Nicotine? You should read this.

Does CBD Vape Juice Have Nicotine? You should read this.

Does CBD Vape Juice Have Nicotine? You should read this.

Vaping and nicotine have a very close relationship. So, to ask if all CBD vape contains nicotine is not a far-fetched question. As a matter a fact there are many CBD companies that do offer the combination of CBD and nicotine vape as some people do prefer it that way. Many CBD companies also offer a CBD vape additive for consumers to add a spike of CBD to their traditional nic vape juice.

To answer the question… Does CBD vape have nicotine?

The answer is No, CBD Vape does not contain nicotine unless otherwise noted on the product label. If there is nicotine in a CBD Vape Juice product, the brand/company is required to have an FDA mandatory message on the front panel of the bottle’s label stating the following message: “WARNING: This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”

If you don’t see that message it is safe to say that the specific bottle you are looking at does not contain nicotine. However not everyone is compliant, so read the label carefully for anything mentioning nicotine.

How is vaping CBD different than vaping nicotine?

Vaping CBD, a nicotine-free oil has many benefits that people around the globe to help them get through the day.

On the other hand, nicotine vape has one standout benefits. It was solely invented to kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. It has helped millions of tobacco smokers move to a much healthier alternative, nic Vape. 

Is there a benefit to vaping CBD without nicotine?

The main benefit of vaping CBD without nicotine is that it is not addictive. Our bodies naturally produce CBD in our ECS (endocannabinoid system) to maintain balance when we encounter stresses. So, becoming addicted to a chemical compound such as CBD (cannabidiol) that our bodies naturally produce is simply not possible.

People who use CBD, use it as a mean of getting healthier, letting the body recuperate with a boost of what our body already creates. Use it as a supplement like you would your daily dose of vitamins.

Why you should try vaping CBD.

If you have been meaning to try CBD vape for the first time and are confused with all the information for on the internet. We will help clear things up for you.

The main benefits to vaping CBD is its ease of use. Unlike other forms of using CBD, vaping it can be a great pleasure because of the following…

  • The flavors you find in premium CBD vape juices make it easy not to forget your daily dose. They are simply delicious.
  • You can puff on high strength CBD vape for maximum CBD effects throughout your day.
  • Vaping CBD is the fastest delivery method of absorbing CBD as has a more direct path to your bloodstream.
  • With CBD being delivered faster into your bloodstream you’ll feel the effects faster and lasting up to 2-3 hours.
  • With fast delivery comes fast effects.


Why would vaping CBD be better if the effects don’t last as long?

CBD vape travels the path of least resistance. Take a puff and the CBD infused vapor travels to your lungs and absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This method offers great bioavailability. You’ll feel the benefits within minutes as opposed to other popular method explained below.

CBD oil, the oils you take orally by administering the CBD oil directly under your tongue for your salivary glands and mucous membrane to absorb to your bloodstream. Then you naturally swallow the oil, it travels through your digestive system and more gets absorbed to your bloodstream. This method takes a bit more time to absorb than the latter because it’s actively flowing through your digestive system before it gets to its destination, your gut. It’s still a very effective method of administering CBD, as it’s essentially drip-feeding the CBD into your system, thus giving you the CBD benefits for a longer period. It does, however, take longer to absorb and feel the full benefits.

What strength CBD should I start with?

Your starting to like the fact the CBD vape can be a viable option for you. You’re not alone, vaping CBD popularity has skyrocketed in late 2019 and booming in 2020. People realize that it works, and it works well.

If you’re new to vaping CBD or just new to CBD, we recommend starting with our Avida’s 250mg vape in any of the flavors that most catches your eyes. You will need a vaping device which you can learn more about in this article “Master guide – How to vape CBD oil“.

You simply fill your tank (most tanks hold about 3ml of CBD vape juice), let the oil soak into the absorbent material (cotton) in the vape tank for a few minutes, then push the power button and take a draw. As you exhale you should feel a sense of relaxation.

In conclusion

No CBD vape does not contain nicotine unless otherwise noted on the front panel of the bottle. CBD vape is a great way to take your daily CBD and add to your stack of wellness products. Here’s another article on how to spot CBD vape that has expired. 


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