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ElleVet & Summer Activities! | ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet & Summer Activities! | ElleVet Sciences

Summer is on the way, and for some of us, the warm weather is already setting in. For us pet owners, this undoubtedly means increased walks and trips to the dog park, among a larger list of dog-friendly activities. 

To keep your adventurer feeling their best, we’ll discuss how CBD+CBDA may be the perfect addition to your dog’s daily routine, and what situations may be especially opportune. 

Active Days = Active Joints

Nicer weather is here, and you and your dog are ready to make use of it! Keeping your dog physically active is immensely important, and vital to their overall health. It keeps their mind and body stimulated, it nurtures and grows their bond with you, and keeps them socially active with their other dog (and human) friends. Not to mention, it’s fun! 

Running after frisbees and tennis balls, chasing their friends around the yard, or going on a hike with you, for many of us, our dogs fit this active description. And just as important as the fun, is the recovery. Fortunately, ElleVet products are tested and proven to increase mobility in dogs. 

When your dog is constantly active, their joints are being used (clearly). And regardless of age or breed, joint inflammation can and oftentimes will occur. If left unexamined, over time, this joint inflammation can lead to ailments such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. In a 2018 Study conducted at Cornell University, ElleVet was shown to increase joint comfort and mobility in over 80% of dogs with a diagnosed form of osteoarthritis. 

Signs of Joint Discomfort: 

  • Slow to Get Up in the Morning
  • Walking Stiffly or Slowly 
  • Less Interested in Toys or Activities 
  • Less Social with Family & Other Pets 
  • Avoids Stairs or Getting in the Car

Now, this doesn’t mean we have to wait until our dogs are already in discomfort until we address it. The point of bringing light to these especially active days we have planned, is that incorporating CBD+CBDA on a daily basis can proactively address joint inflammation and discomfort. ElleVet chews and oil can also help promote calmness and recovery after a long day of smiles and running around. Think of an athlete, after they practice or play a game, what do they do? Recover. And while our dogs might not be signing a professional sports contract anytime soon, their bodies and joints need recovery after a long day of zigging and zagging, just as ours would. 

Skin Irritation 

Spring and summer time means allergy season is upon us. And like us, our dogs can suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies. With allergies, skin irritations like hot spots, rashes and pruritus (itchy skin) can occur. 

In a recent study, ElleVet CBD+CBDA was tested and shown to be effective in over 65% of dogs with pruritus (that participated in the study). If your dog suffers from itchy skin or other skin issues caused by allergies or environmental irritants, CBD+CBDA could be useful to have on-hand as a daily supplement. 

Signs of Skin Irritation: 

  • Red, Inflamed Skin 
  • Excessive Itching 
  • “Hot Spots” (Concentrated Areas of Redness/Inflammation)
  • Dandruff/Flaky Skin 

Road Trip!

Finally, no summer is complete without a road trip of some kind! Unfortunately, some of our dogs are not easily persuaded into the car. They can become restless, whine, and even suffer from motion sickness. If this sounds familiar, ElleVet Calm & Comfort Chews could be the perfect addition to your family road trip! These situational chews can help promote calmness in situations that would normally be very stressful for your dog, such as a long car ride. Remember, be sure to administer your Calm & Comfort Chews 45 minutes to an hour prior to the stressful event, whatever it may be! 

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