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End of the Year Review: Best CBD Oil for Sleep

End of the Year Review: Best CBD Oil for Sleep

After an eternity of 2020, it’s finally here: our take on the best CBD oil for sleep.

Because CBD is an unregulated supplement, many companies have started to sell their own hemp products—and they are not all equal.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a versatile compound that can affect systems all throughout the body, including the brain, gut, liver, muscular system, and more. Many who take a CBD supplement report feeling calm and relaxed, which obviously helps when trying to catch some sleep.

So which is the best CBD oil to take right before bedtime? Here’s a look at some of the top sellers and which one we think you should try first.

How We Ranked CBD Products

While hemp oil has been used for thousands of years, its spot in the health and wellness supplement lineup is relatively new. For example, there is no established baseline of how much CBD a person should take. We don’t know the extent of everything CBD does to the body. That leaves only a few ranking criteria left for us to use.

Quality Verified by a Certified Third-Party Lab

As a supplement, CBD isn’t subject to many laws about purity or effectiveness. People can order CBD isolate, mix it with essential oils, and market it without much restriction. This is what makes lab testing so important.

If you buy a CBD sleep aid, make sure you can easily find its lab report. It will tell you how potent the product really is, and you’ll know which compounds are present in your supplement. Broad spectrum hemp oil products offer more than just CBD, so a lab report will help you determine whether or not your supplement was actually developed with sleep in mind.

Since hemp became legal in 2018, labs began using a set of guidelines to test for product purity. If you can’t find a lab report for your CBD sleep aid, don’t buy it.

Presence of Other Cannabinoids

While CBD is the most prominent of the different compounds found in cannabis, it is far from the only one. CBN and CBG are two other cannabinoids that can affect ones mood and sense of relaxation. When it comes to good sleep aids, CBD oil isn’t complete without its other cannabinoids.

One issue with the unregulated hemp oil market is that it’s easy to buy isolate CBD and sell it however you want. While broad spectrum products tend to have better effects on users, too many people buy anything with CBD written on it.

You should always look for hemp products that contain as many cannabis compounds as possible in them. A broad spectrum CBD oil will contain everything but THC, giving users the best experience.

Organically Grown

Plants may not be able to move or make communication gestures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respond to the world around them. When hemp growers choose to raise their plants with as few synthetic pesticides and fertilizers as possible, the end result is a superior product.

Compared to the abundance of heavy metals found in crops grown without restrictions, organic plant products pose a much lower risk of containing any toxic materials (which may even cause brain damage). Plus, there are anecdotes that plants grown with love just feel better.

Choosing organic products—especially for supplements—is crucial if you want an effective CBD supplement. Buying the cheapest thing you can find online or at a smoke shop isn’t likely to work as well.

Formulated with Other Sleep Aids

Finally, we looked at products that contained different nighttime remedies. Because CBD and CBN haven’t established proven medical significance quite yet, we looked for sleep aids that contained other supplements that help people feel rested.

Some natural remedies that have been used throughout history include valerian root, melatonin, chamomile, and lavender essential oil. When paired with hemp oil, the body has a great chance of falling right to sleep with ease.

So Which One Did We Pick?

best CBD melatonin gummiesAt the top of our list is CBDfx’s sleep gummies. Why? Because they contain a huge variety of sleep aids that pack a powerful punch. With melatonin, passion flower, chamomile, lemon balm, and their proprietary terpene blend, these gummies not only help you fall asleep, but they’re delicious too.

Just a scroll through the reviews makes a strong case for this supplement. People are impressed with how well it works for sleep, and it’s hard to find a review under 5 stars anywhere.

CBDfx’s products contain terpene blends to preserve and enhance the natural flavors found in the flowers of hemp plants. As each terpene will have a unique effect on the body, keeping them intact is important when creating a quality wellness supplement.

These sleep gummies are 100% organic, contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, and are flavored with cane sugar and tapioca syrup.

For an outstanding sleep aid that tastes great, look no further than these gummies.

Honorable Mentions

Another great product by CBDfx is their nighttime sleep capsules. Like the gummies, these sleep capsules contain both CBD and CBN. On top of that, however, these capsules are formulated with a special sleep blend called Zylaria.

This proprietary blend contains GABA and xylaria—a combination of mood regulators and mushrooms commonly used in folk medicine. You’ll also find valerian root in the capsules, which delivers a mild sedative that can help you fall asleep.

CBDfx also sells a calming tincture containing a strong dose of CBD while preserving the CBN from the hemp plant. Inside each bottle is MCT oil as well, which helps the body to absorb the cannabinoids faster and more completely. MCTs—medium-chain triglycerides—help other nutrients become more bioavailable so your body can use them.

This calming tincture not only contains cannabinoids but oil that can help them get to work faster. We think this product deserves to be on your shortlist.

Why Buy from CBDfx?

Like we said earlier, there are a million new vendors sprouting up to sell CBD oil as a way to turn a quick profit. It’s not always easy to find a vendor whose products are lab-tested, highly rated, and broad enough to fit your unique lifestyle.

CBDfx sells products for daily supplement use, muscle and joint creams, and even beauty products. The reviews for their 100% organic products are outstanding, and everything on their site is lab-tested for purity.

Knowing that your vendor cares about your well-being is important when buying CBD products. Along with the ineffective products sold all over the internet, there have even been brands falsely marketing synthetic chemicals as CBD!

Don’t be a victim of poor quality or fake products. Get your CBD from a reputable company that cares to prove how well their products work.

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