Foraging 19 Powerful Wild Plants for Fast Energy, Healing Action and Super Nutrition

By | April 18, 2019

Covering a few of the Wild Plants (weeds) that I use to give an EXTREME BOOST to my Healing protocol of Fruit and Dr Morse’s Herbal formulas. I use ONLY Green *DRINKS* but do not eat the fibrous material because I can’t process it. That said MANY people use young tender wild greens and flowers in salads quite regularly with no problem.

*Plants mentioned here* are only a FEW of what all I use when I can attain it. I also use dried plants, flowers, leaves and roots for healing teas. Also many trees with medicinal parts including Pine Pollen when it comes available (SOON).

List of plants Mentioned here (PLEASE LOOK UP on YT or search engines)


-Dandelion (whole plant)
-Creeping Charlie (Gill over the ground) Leaves on stems and flowers when available.
-Purple Dead Nettles Flowers, leaves and stems
-Violet leaves and flowers with stems
-Goldenrod young leaves and shoots, flowers when available.
-Yarrow Leaves and flowers when available.
-Black Raspberry leaves and young shoots plus flowers when available. Fruit when available or use to make jellies or other edibles.
-Strawberry Leaves
-Indian Strawberry Leaves (FALSELY called wild strawberry but isn’t)
-Chickweed leaves, flowers and stems
-Wild lettuce leaves
-Plantain leaves (and seeds when available)
-Catnip leaves and flower buds when available (Mint Family)
-Echinacea Leaves and Flowers when available. Roots in Early Spring or late Fall for Medicine
-Lemon Balm Leaves and Flowers when available (Mint Family)
-Bee Balm (Bergamot) (Mint family)
-Honey Suckle Young Leaves and Flowers when available (*BERRIES POISONOUS*!!)
-Wild Onion (shown but I do not use in green drinks as the onion family is acidic and gas producing. I do use in cooked foods though or for Hubby’s salads.


I am not a master herbalist, a doctor or a nutritionist. NOTHING presented here should be misconstrued as advice to do what I’m doing. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH but get out there and HAVE FUN in Healing or simply being FILLED with Light and Love and ENERGY! Learn to GROW on purpose, with a purpose. SAVE A LIFE!! Maybe your own.

Thank You for Watching my video! Much Love and Blessings on your Journey!

Dr Robert Morse N.D. You Tube Channel

Foraging for Life- Healing by Nature (My Healing/foraging channel)

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