Foraging for wild foods in Connecticut – Lamb’s Quarters and Purslane + KITTEN!!!

By | August 7, 2019

I went for a walk last night and spotted some very impressive wild greens growing out from some telephone poles. In today’s video, I’ll show you what I found and what my plans are for these nutritious greens!

If you are new to foraging, please make sure that you use books, the internet, and if possible, a helpful guide who is an expert in identifying wild plants. Always be cautious and careful when eating wild greens and start with a small serving and see how you feel. Some communities offer foraging walks where a guide will walk groups of people into the woods and will show them what is edible. I encourage you to take advantage of community events like this, especially if you are new to foraging.

Also, use your best judgement when foraging for wild foods. I did harvest these from the side of the road. Some advise against this. I live dangerously and could not resist these luscious greens. Ideally you should forage from the woods, your yard, or a park. As I stated in this video, both of these plants can be found growing as weeds in your garden…which an great place to harvest them!

I hope you find this video informative and HAPPY FORAGING!


-Nancy Plants

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