Foraging Plantain – Wild Things Series #Wild Things

By | May 31, 2021

In another of our “Wild Things” series we are talking about and identifying Plantain.
Plantain grows wild all over the US and in your backyard!
Plantain can be broadleaf or narrow leaf.
Broadleaf or Plantago Major is more common here in western KY.
Plantain can be eaten in salad or smoothies or made into a soap, salve or ointment.
There are many uses and benefits for Plantain
It is an inflammatory, helps with diarrhea and even coughs, but the most common use for Plantain is for insect stings and bites. You can just grab a Plantain leaf and chew it to release the juices and put it on a sting or bite and draw out the sting and ease the pain.

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