harvest stinging nettles and eating nettles raw!

By | April 7, 2010

http://www.permies.com Harvesting stinging nettle and eating some sting nettles RAW! A big nettle patch under a cottonwood tree. various ways of harvesting, including bare handed.
Heidi Bohan, author of “The People of Cascadia: Pacific Northwest Native American History” talks about when to harvest nettles and how to do an ethical harvest. Three of her students help out. Different kinds of gloves are used.

The nettle “stingers” are under the leaves only.

Apparently, some people sting themselves intentionally.

There is also some discussion on drying the nettles and how dried nettles can last years.

Nettles are nitrogen pigs and, in this case, the nettles are fed by bird crap.

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