Harvesting Cultivated Purslane Seeds

By | August 22, 2018

To see how to harvest wild Purslane seeds, watch https://youtu.be/A_QGtZPCrS0

Just a quick video on how to harvest seeds from the cultivated, upright variety of purslane. I use the same technique with the wild plants, but since the plants sprawl on the ground and the seeds and seedpods are smaller, they’re harder to film.

I bought a packet of seeds during the spring because I wanted to grow a plant that even I couldn’t kill. Fast forward four months, and I’ve harvested so many seeds that I’ll never run out. Every few days, I go out and harvest more.

Purslane (Portulaca oleracea, or verdolaga) is hearty, omega-3 – rich plant that can be pleasantly crunchy and tart fresh out of the garden. I’ve heard that it can be cooked as well, but I either let it grow to collect the seeds, or eat it right out of the garden.

Filmed in my front yard, so ignore the sounds of my neighbors, and yes, I realize I say the word “seed” a lot.

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