Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

By | August 17, 2017

Among those who use natural remedies, this plant is famous for its ability to treat respiratory problems, such as:

– Pneumonia
– Sore throat
– Asthma – Allergies It also protects against an enlarged prostate.

What am I talking about?

Nettle, a plant with wonderful medicinal properties.

Men need to know that nettle reduces swelling and prevents prostate cancer.

It’s also good for:

The Skin

That’s because it has antibacterial, nutritional, astringent, purifying, and stimulating properties.

The Kidneys

Because it’s a powerful diuretic, it helps to detoxify the kidneys.

Many people drink nettle tea to avoid kidney stones.

The Hair

This plant helps fight hair loss, eliminates dandruff, and keeps your hair healthy and beautiful.

Circulatory problems

It helps to control bad cholesterol as it is rich in chlorophyll, which is very good for the circulatory system.


Nettle also lowers blood sugar levels.

And not only that, it has many more uses.

Nettle eliminates viruses and bacterial infections.

It helps to strengthen the immune system and combat anemia, fatigue, exhaustion and other side effects of stress.

There are several types of nettles and all are medicinal.

The plant is easy to find in backyards and vacant lots.

However, please be careful handling it. Skin contact may cause an allergic reaction.

That’s why it’s ideal to buy a bundle of dried nettle leaves in tea shops or health food stores, because when it’s dried it doesn’t cause the same skin irritations.

How To Make Nettle Tea


1 tablespoon of dried nettle leaves
1 liter of water Instructions

Bring the water to a boil and let it stand for about five minutes.

Add the leaves and cover the pan.

The tea should steep for at least ten minutes before you drink it.

Drink three cups a day.

It’s recommended to sweeten it with honey to make it taste better.

If you’re diabetic, it’s better to use a natural sweetener. We recommend pure stevia.

Warning: This tea isn’t recommended for pregnant women.


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