How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds Cheap And Easy – Part 1

By | September 20, 2013
I’ve been looking into growing mushrooms for the past 8 months or so. What I have learned is that they have a great deal of medicinal properties and are a good source of protein. Amazingly, they can be grown quickly out of practically nothing. They don’t need an artificial light source and can be grown in various types of media such as wood chips, coffee grounds, grains, straw and manure. It’s self sustaining and can provide a constant supply of food in very little time. It’s knowledge that everyone should have.

This is video 1 in a series that go on to show various methods of growing mushrooms from start to finish with ease.

See part 2 here:

If you want to try a kit before doing all this on your own then I suggest this one on Amazon:
I tried it and worked great and also lower cost than the others.

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