How To Harvest & Cook Wild Lettuce Greens – Wild Edible Recipes

By | February 24, 2017

Hey guys in this video we are going to go over how to harvest and cook wild lettuce greens. Wild Lettuce is a wild edible that grows from the spring to the fall and usually requires cooking despite it’s name. However in the early spring they can be consumed raw in small quantities because of their bitterness. To harvest wild lettuce greens simply find the center of the rosette and pull the leaves out of it without damaging the root. This ensures a harvest at a later date. Also make sure to grab any other leaves from the rosette that look good to you.

Now that we’ve gotten our lettuce greens we should cook them before consuming. How long to cook will depend on what stage they are in and their bitterness. The ones we are harvesting and cooking today will only need to boil for three to seven minutes. After boiling serve with butter or oil and season to taste. In this video we use garlic and butter for a simple way of cooking the greens.

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