How To Identify Broad Leaf Dock – Wild Edible Identification

By | June 4, 2018

Learning how to identify broad leaf dock is important for successful foraging. This wild edible has a patter that makes identification a breeze. From it’s very large and broad leaves to its distinct seeds this plant is commonly found in lawns, gardens, pastures, and fields. Broad leaf dock is a wild edible that is related to our modern day Buckwheat as they are both in the Rumex family. The seeds of this plant can be used to make a flour and the young leaves and shoots are edible too. The leaves of broad leaf dock grow in an alternating pattern with distinct red tinges on the leaf stem. Broad leaf dock has ovate shaped leaves with ripples along their margins. These ripples can look like teeth to some people, and another relative of this plant known as curly dock has very wavy margins. When looking at the stem for identification it’s important to look at the nodes where another stem is coming out. On the underside of the node you will see a small sheath that goes around the base of the leaf stem.

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