How To Identify Chickweed Plants

By | April 14, 2017

Hey guys in this identification video we will cover three different types of chickweed. Learning how to identify chickweed is an easy process and it works for many types of chickweeds. the first type of Chickweed we will be covering is called common Chickweed or Stellaria media. It is common in yards, along the edges of gardens and more. It has simple lance shaped to ovate leaves that are simple along the margins. The white flower is very small and looks like it has ten petals but it is just because the split in the petals.

The second type of Chickweed is called Mouse Ear Chickweed or Cerastium fontanum. It is also common in lawns but generally grows a little further from the house. It’s called mouse ear chickweed because of how hairy it is. The leaves are just like common chickweed in shape and along the margins, however the stem is red, not green. The white flower is the same as it’s other relative. The third type of Chickweed we will cover is called Star Chickweed or Stellaria pubera. It is commonly found in the Eastern woodlands where it is native. This plant is a little larger in size but grow in less dense clumps than it’s other two relatives. The leaves and flowers are the same shape, with the same features, however the flower and leaves are much larger overall. The stem is red and there are fine little hairs that run it’s length.

I thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something. If you want to learn more about edible or medicinal plants make sure to subscribe!

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