How to Identify Purple Dead Nettle – Lamium purpureum

By | March 30, 2023

Hey guys in this video we’ll take a look at a very common plant that’s easy to identify, known as Purple Dead Nettle, or Lamium purpureum. Purple Dead Nettle is frequently found in lawns, gardens, fields, edges of roadsides and edges of trails. Like its name implies the plant has purple flowers and even the leaves on the top of the plant will have a purple coloration to them. Though it’s called a nettle, it doesn’t actually sting like a regular Stinging Nettle would. The leaves of this plant are spade shaped with rounded teeth running along the margins. Being in the Mint family it has other characteristics that other mints carry, like having a square stem and an opposite leafing pattern. There are two shapes of leaves you will find on this plant. On the top of the plant are the spade shaped leaves mentioned earlier, and at the base of the plant the leaves will be more heart shaped, somewhat reminiscent of young Garlic Mustard leaves. Though it’s in the mint family it doesn’t have any minty flavor, instead it’s more peppery and grass like, so be aware of that when you use it in salads. This plant is edible and medicinal and is frequently used in teas and salves.

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