How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea – High Nutritious Herbal Drink For Bushcraft, Prepping And Survival

By | May 22, 2017

One of the best natural herbal drinks – stinging nettle tea.
Do you know how to make stinging nettle tea? Do you know the benefits of nettle tea?
This drink is high nutritious with masses of vitamins and minerals to energise you and help keep you healthy.

You can also buy organically grown stinging nettle tea leaves online if you want the benefits but don’t want to pick them yourself.

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How To Make Nettle Tea;

Being able to make a fresh cup of nettle tea when your out hiking, backpacking or camping in the wild can mean carrying less gear with you, as the leaves are everywhere.

Also, knowing this technique is very handy for adding to your bushcraft, prepping and survival skills.
In a bugout situation, nettle tea will give your body a lot of very necessary vitamins and minerals to keep going.

Don’t miss out on this great natural remedies herbal drink – it’s free food for your body and a herbal medicine that’s classed as a superfood.

So go out and do some wild harvesting and try these wild plants to see what a great tonic they are.

Picking nettles and healthy living go hand in hand and this type of wild foraging and the benefits of nettle tea make this nettle drink a no brainier really.
Picking nettles that produces a nettle drink is a herbal medicine that makes foraging for food a pleasure.

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Happy Prepping Folks.

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