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How To Wind Down At Night With CBD

How To Wind Down At Night With CBD

We’ve all been there. A long day at the office, a terrible commute, a mile-long to-do list still waiting for you the next morning — sometimes you just need to shut out all the noise and chill. But winding down isn’t always that easy. It’s hard to get the mind to stop playing and replaying the day’s events. And there’s not always a friendly set of hands nearby to rub those tense shoulders.

Fortunately, CBD can be the perfect weapon in the war against stress and tension. From relaxing sleep capsules to soothing bath bombs, there are a variety of CBD products designed to help you wind down at night.

Rub It All Away

Tension can manifest itself in a number of ways, including physical pain and discomfort. Whether it’s tight shoulders, a sore neck, or a splitting headache, tension can take its toll on the body. Of course, a good shoulder and temple massage can often do the trick. And there are a variety of oils that can loosen tight muscles. Fractionated coconut, jojoba, almond, apricot kernel, and sunflower are among the oils most used by massage therapists

CBD creams and balms are also highly effective. Often, these topicals contain not only the calming effects of CBD, but also other beneficial ingredients. Our CBD Muscle and Joint Cream blends broad spectrum CBD with other ingredients, like white willow bark and caffeine, which have long been used as anti-inflammatories. In the case of white willow bark, these soothing properties were used as far back as ancient Egypt! This particular cream also includes menthol, which soothes and cools all those pesky aches and pains that prevent you from relaxing. Even if you don’t have a partner to give you a proper massage, a good self-massage of the head, neck and temples can often do the trick in rubbing away all of that tension.

cbdfx balm sticksBalms are another favorite for massage treatment. Our Muscle and Joint Balm Stick combines the relief of broad spectrum CBD with the proven pain relievers, like wintergreen and black pepper oils, as well as cool, soothing menthol.

Whatever your topical of choice, there’s no denying the benefits of a good rubdown. Sometimes, you just need to show those aches and pains who’s boss!

Treat Yo Self!

cbdfx photo lifestyle facemask  feb  It’s hard to turn a work day into a spa day, but you can bring some of the pampering peace of the spa home with you. CBD Face Masks and Foot Masks give soothing relief in two of the places where we hold tension the most.

CBD Face Masks come in a variety of formulations, each with its own special focus. The Aloe Vera Mask works to soothe and tighten your skin. The Charcoal Face Mask brightens and purifies the skin. The Cucumber Face Mask hydrates and tightens, while the Rose Face Mask tones and moisturizes. And for those days when you just need to unwind, the Lavender Face Mask gives relaxing and soothing relief. And each mask comes with a generous 50mg of tension-busting, broad spectrum CBD.

cbdfx photo lifestyle footmask  mar  While our feet are often the furthest thing from our minds — which is fair, since they are literally the furthest parts of our bodies from the head — we do hold a ton of tension in our old dogs. Foot Masks are CBD-infused booties you simply slip on for 20 minutes and let them do the work. In addition to the soothing combination of broad spectrum CBD, peppermint and lavender, you get the added bonus of coconut and sweet almond oil for smoother skin. Simply put on the booties, kick your feet up and read a good book, while the Foot Mask does all the work.

cbdfx photo lifestyle bathbomb  mar  For many, the ultimate tool for relaxation is a good, hot bath. Baths do much more than just relieve aching muscles. Among other things, they calm the nervous system, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. CBD Bath Bombs take the bathing experience to another level with a whopping 200mg of 99% pure CBD isolate, along with a variety of botanicals. Our Soothing Bath Bomb, in particular, uses lavender oil and Hawaiian black salt to melt away the tension of your day.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The final step to any evening wind-down is, of course, a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to long-term good health. It’s also difficult to achieve when you’re still mired in troubled thoughts about the stressful day you’ve just ended, as well as the one you’re looking forward to the next morning!

cbdfx photo product sleep tincture may  CBD has a great partner in the cannabinoid world that works in harmony with it to give you a better night in the sack. CBN is commonly referred to as the “relaxation cannabinoid.” It relaxes the body and prepares it for sleep. And after you’re asleep, CBD continues to work so that you won’t wake up throughout the night, but will instead sleep straight through, allowing you to wake the next morning rested and renewed. 

When multiple cannabinoids are consumed together, it creates a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect. When this happens, the cannabinoids — plus, specially formulated sleep terpenes — don’t just work independently of each other. Instead, they enhance each other’s effects, leading to a deeper, richer CBD experience. Our CBD Oil Sleep Tincture is the perfect ticket to Dreamland! 

Winding Down Our Wind-Down Talk

Modern life carries with it a ton of different stressors, from demanding bosses to aggressive drivers. But we can’t carry all of that stress home with us. It not only sucks the joy out of life, but it’s also bad for our overall health. So, the next time you’re having one of those days, see what CBD can do for you. Make your evening a better one!

Looking to chill at the end of a long day? Check out our selection of CBD Edibles.


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