Illustrated Herbiary “Work Through” Chickweed

By | November 30, 2019


Time stamps: Explanation of this series 6:52 – Tea and tincture recipes 11:04 – Share my journal 18:10 – Talk about the next chapter “Daisy” 30:07 – See my baby pic on the Zombie Tarot 51:31

Let’s talk about our results from chapter one, Chickweed. How did you ritual go and did you have any eye opening reflections??? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed seeing the BOS I’m creating just for this book. Next week’s herb is Daisy. Remember, this book is less about herbs and more about SELF REFLECTION! So, everyone can participate whether you have the book or not. Be sure to join the private fb group. I will post a pdf with the tincture and tea recipe I talked about and you can also contribute with any ways you like to use Chickweed. The ritual and reflection work for Daisy will also be posted in the group page. Join here:

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