Natural And Home Remedies – White Oak Bark, Red Clover etc-part-5-Agatha Thrash MD

By | December 26, 2010 In this series Dr Agatha Thrash, founder and director of Uchee Pines discusses various home remedies such as garlic, aloe vera, charcoal etc for treatment of diseases and other uses. As she says some home remedies are infact more effective than conventional medicines in the treatment of colds, flu, shingles, poisoning, insect bites etc.

Everywhere I go I ask people for various remedies for diseases, and often somebody tells me a remedy that I’ve never heard of before, and so some of these remedies I’m going to talking with you about today and my assistants will help me to present other remedies some of which I have heard of and some of which I have not.

So today I have some things that most everybody has heard of and knows all about and one is something that you should have somewhere about your equipment. If you do much in the way of hiking in mountainous areas this is a splint for a leg and so you may want to have that in your equipment. Now if you have someone in your home who becomes an invalid then you may want a device such as this is, this little device can help you if you are in bed for a long time. You simply extend the end of it as you can see here and then you can pick up a lot of things it has a good bit of force as you can see it’s putting a good bit of pressure on my finger. So you can pick up things and draw those thing back to you so that when you are lying in bed you don’t have to call somebody every time you want something. I don’t think it would pick up a glass with water in it but it will pick up a lot of things and that can help you a lot.

I have found that something called White Oak Bark can be most helpful for people who have a problem with a lot of tonsillitis and pharyngitis, and laryngitis, to make the tissues less swollen and to make it so they can talk better so White Oak Bark, very good for that.

And then Red Clover is also good, many companies produce this, but the Red Clover is very good for women who have menopausal symptoms, it’s good for people who have menstrual upsets, like prolonged menstrual bleeding, it’s also very good for painful menstruation, and I like that very much.

Then I have here a substance called Nutribiotic and Nutribiotic is a very thick liquid and you can see here that it is quite a thick liquid, it is made from grapefruit seed and about eight drops of this in a quart of water will give you a very bitter water but it’s quite good for a cold or a sore throat and if you are in a position where you really don’t want to come down, you really don’t have time to indulge yourself with a few days in bed nursing such an affliction, then you may want to get something of that nature.

Here is Chaparral another good anti-viral material and I like this very much, I think that the anti-viral properties of it have been under valued and can be very helpful to people, it’s an herb that grows out west and you can get it in tincture or you can make a tea from it, it has also been used in anti- cancer substance.

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