Pine Pollen, The Nutritious Adaptogen from the Pine Tree

By | May 3, 2015

Pine pollen powder comes from the tiny grains on male cones that produce a yellow powdery dust that can be collected and used as a nutritive adaptogen tonic powder or made into a tincture.

Learn more about it as well as how and when to harvest your own wildcrafted variety.

Recommended Suppliers (Updated 2022)
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Lost Empire Herbs,, Pine Pollen Tincture, 2oz –
Lost Empire Herbs, Nettle Root, Extract, 75g –
Eco Taste, Wild Pine Pollen Powder Tablets, Cracked, 160tabs –
Micro Ingredients, Pine Pollen, 6oz –

Additional Sourced Info
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Endogenous Gibberellins of Pine Pollen:

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