Poplar Oyster Mushrooms, Foraging Wild Edibles

By | June 12, 2020

The Oyster Mushrooms are out ! I harvest and cook some wild mushrooms on the fire. Beautiful early summer day out. These mushrooms grow on poplar trees such as the Aspen, Populus Tremuloides. The scientific name of this mushroom is Ostreatus populinus. They come out in early summer around beginning of June here and can come out throughout the summer so keep an eye out ! This is in Northeast Alberta, Canada in Lakeland area. Thanks for joining me !

Les pleutotes du peuplier sont sorties ! Je les cueilles et les fait cuire sur le feu. Ils se trouvent sur un peuplier faux-tremble dans ce vidéo dans le Nord Est de l’Alberta. Très belle journée dehors ! Merci de vous joindre à moi.

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