Pot likker! Featuring plantain, dock, bittercress, cleavers and dandelion

By | March 30, 2015

Pot likker is a great way to celebrate spring’s return! Pot likker is the broth made from cooking any assortment of wild greens. For this potlikker, I used a mix of plantain, dock, bittercress (it has many common names and I use peppercress in the video), cleavers, and dandelion greens.

Recipe: Clean your greens. Parboil the ones that need a change of boiling water before they are eaten. Cook the tougher ones longer, then add the greens that cook more quickly. Add some ham and elephant garlic. Cook until tender. Drain off the broth — it’s Potlikker! The greens will be tasty, too! Just eat them!

All these plants are real food for regular people! Eat more weeds!
Plantain: Platago lanceolata Family: Plantaginaceae
Bittercress: Cardamine ssp. Family: Brassicacae.
– see my bittercress video at https://youtu.be/dISq9K7B7Vs
Dock: Rumex crispus, Family Polygonaceae (buckwheat family)
Dandelion: Taraxacum officianale, Family Asteraceae
Cleavers: Galium aparine. Family: Rubiaceae

Music: Vacation Uke from YouTube music library

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