Purslane how big it can get?

By | July 26, 2017

A quick update on how big purslane can get.
Most people see it in the cracks of there sidewalks all malnourished and small.so most people think that although this weed is edible it doesn’t hold a lot of nourishment.
I wanted to show in this video how if taken care of this weed can not only be hardy but can get big and hold a lot of nourishment.
gardenfever@yahoo.com If you have any questions or leave comment.
https://youtu.be/F7kVDa_YnII link to previous Purslane video (full break down).

In My videos, I sometimes make use of copyrighted material.
I do so only for the purposes of education of the material being displayed in this video.
It falls under the fair use , and is not meant to take away from the artist or person whos material was used.

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