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Question of the Day: Does CBD Oil Expire?

Question of the Day: Does CBD Oil Expire?

It’s only natural to wonder if CBD oil expires. 

If you want the quick answer, yes, it does. 

Like most plant-based products, CBD oil is a perishable item that can lose its potency and clarity over time. Usually, this takes about a year or so to happen, but there are some telltale signs to look out for.

But if you accidentally took some expired product, don’t worry; you’re not facing any risk of serious harm. 

Expired CBD oil won’t taste or smell great, but that’s about the extent of the potential problems you’ll face. 

The CBD inside will still be active, but there are other side effects you don’t want.

Let’s explore this subject area a little more in-depth. 

How to Tell if Your CBD Oil Is Expired

When it comes to CBD oil, your tincture bottles must be put away in a cool, dark area without exposure to direct sunlight. CBD oil exposed to sunlight will break down much faster, leaving you with a cloudy product that has lost much of its strength. 

Properly stored oil, on the other hand, can last around two years. The quickest way to tell if your CBD oil has expired is to check the clarity of the liquid.

If it’s cloudy and hazy, there’s a strong chance it’s expired. You can also pop open the top and take a sniff. While CBD oil may not be the world’s most pleasant aroma, it won’t have a rancid odor unless it expires.

Edibles and capsules last longer than CBD oil tinctures because edible products contain preservatives to keep the product stable for much longer than oil. 

However, these options won’t last forever either. An excellent way to tell whether your CBD supplements have lost their potency is to see if they’re still effective. 

Capsules and gummies that don’t have the desired effect are probably expired.

You’re probably wondering if expired CBD Oil Toxic? 

Not exactly, but why take the chance?

If it smells weird and lacks potency, it’s time to stock up on some fresh CBD oil instead. 

One of the benefits of CBD is its safety and lack of toxicity, but it has its limits.

The main concern with expired oil is the increase in free radicals, which is why it’s a good idea to avoid ingesting expired CBD oil. 

Other Uses for Expired Oil

After spending top dollar for a premium CBD oil, watching it plummet into the garbage can might be more than you can handle. 

If you want to stretch your dollars, there are some things you can do with expired CBD oil.

While expired CBD oil isn’t suitable for human ingestion, it still has oil properties and can be used as a beauty product. 

For example, it can work as a moisturizer for your dry skin, including those tiny deserts on the heels of your feet.

Use to Rehydrate & Revitalize

Did you know you can use CBD oil to moisturize your hair? 

That’s right—by massaging some of that old CBD oil onto your scalp, you can put it to work as a natural conditioner. 

Thanks to the antioxidants and vitamins found in CBD oil, it can help rebuild keratins and prevent excessive sebum growth in your scalp.

Some people have even used oil as a dandruff treatment since it hydrates the top layer of skin that can flake off occasionally.  

If you want to use oil on your scalp, mix a tablespoon of the expired CBD oil with a tablespoon of lemon juice, rub the mixture onto your scalp, let it sit for a half-hour, then wash it off with shampoo.

Another way to use expired CBD oil in hair treatments is to pour a little onto your fingertips and run it through the last couple of inches of hair. 

This works to fight split ends and reduce breakage.

Exfoliate with Expired Excess

Expired oil still has some outstanding moisturizing properties

By adding just a few ingredients to your old product, you can formulate your very own moisturizing coffee scrub to exfoliate your pores and smooth out your skin.

Just take half a cup of expired CBD oil and mix in a teaspoon of ground coffee, a teaspoon of sea salt, and a teaspoon of sugar. Spend about five minutes scrubbing your face with the mixture.

You can also use this mixture to remove makeup. 

Rather than drying your skin out with alcohol-based removers, put some expired CBD oil on a cotton pad and apply it to your face for a moisturizing makeup removal experience.

Always Buy Quality Products

Once you find yourself facing the disposal of CBD oil, it might be tempting to think about buying cheap stuff for the next go-around. 

After all, you didn’t use up what you had, so why not just save a couple of bucks and get something more affordable?

We get it.

Good CBD oil isn’t cheap, and the differences between it and the cheap stuff aren’t clear enough to warrant spending more, so what’s the point in buying better products?

Here are a few reasons you should always purchase top-notch products: 

First, you should always buy organic products, mainly because they’re more effective. 

Sure, organic products break down faster, leading to an expedited expiration date, but this happens because the compounds inside are more bioavailable when ingested, which is a good thing.

When you have CBD oil on your hands that doesn’t hit the mark, they expire suddenly because it’s simply sitting there, not working for your best interest. 

This can happen with cheap products you find online or at the local smoke shop. These companies are more concerned with their bottom line rather than formulating effective products. 

Organic products can cost more, but there’s no reliable substitute.

Want to Know What’s in Your CBD Oil? 

Read the product’s lab report. These special reports come from third-party testing labs that get paid to check the contents of each product. As you would expect, lab reports include information about the presence of cannabinoids like CBD and others, but there’s more.

Lab reports also let you know if there are any traces of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers from non-organic farming techniques. You’ll also know if there are toxic byproducts and heavy metals.

If your vendor can’t provide lab reports, you should probably shop somewhere else. 

On the other hand, if they can prove that their products contain what they promise, you’re likely in good hands.

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