Sautéed Purslane With Parsley (Very Nutritious)

By | March 18, 2020

In this video I show you how I made Sautéed Purslane With Parsley for breakfast. Very Nutritious!
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Purslane contains oxalates, which can reduce the absorption of some minerals and contribute to the formation of kidney stones.
As a precaution doctors advise that pregnant women and anyone with these conditions to limit their intake of oxalic acids.
Another method of limiting oxalic acid consumption is to blanch. Contrary to what some books say, cooking does not destroy oxalic acid. However, blanching your greens for a few minutes and disposing of the water leaches out roughly one third of the oxalic acid. That’s one third of total oxalic acid but most of the soluble oxalic acid. The insoluble ones that remain pass right through us. So although you may also lose some nutrients, we can recommend this method.
It is suggested:
*not eating unreasonably huge quantities of high oxalic foods in one sitting,
*blanching and discarding water, or food combining with high calcium foods if eating a lot of high-oxalate foods,
*if you’ve ever had antibiotics, take probiotics and unpasteurised fermented foods to recolonise your gut,
*eating a well-rounded healthy diet… in which weeds can play a starring role.

Make sure it is the edible variety you are picking as there is another plant that looks similar but is poisonous, when you break it a milk like substance comes out. If you are not sure ask someone who may know how to identify it.

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