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Gabapentin for Dogs: Applications, Safety and Side Effects

Gabapentin is another example of a human medication that has crossed into the animal health industry. It has found to be effective in dogs,...

Buprenex for Cats: Common Applications, Side Effects, and Dosing

Buprenex, a brand name of Buprenorphine, is prescribed by veterinarians to relieve or significantly reduce pain in dogs and cats. Buprenex is an opioid...

Is Cheese Safe for Dogs?: Health Benefits, Applications, and Safety

If you’re a dog owner like us, cheese is always readily available. Giving slices of cheese to dogs seems to be one of those...

Trazodone for Dogs: Applications, Safety and Side Effects

Behavioral issues brought on by underlying anxieties or phobias have become more common in dogs. No matter what you try, it seems as though...

CBD Anti Aging Cream: Advantages, Working & Applications

If you are still unaware of the CBD & its wholesome benefits, there can be only two reasons— either you are living in the...

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