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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Question of the Day: Does CBD Oil Expire?

It’s only natural to wonder if CBD oil expires.  If you want the quick answer, yes, it does.  Like most plant-based products, CBD oil is a...

Question of the Day: Can CBD Improve Your Focus?

You’re staring at your CBD gummies, wondering if they can improve focus?  For all you know, it works wonders for calming you at the end...

Question of the Day: Are There CBD Gummies for Kids?

If you’re a parent who fancies CBD, you’ve probably wondered if there are CBD gummies for kids?  While some immediately reject this idea, there are...

Question of the Day: Is CBD Oil Legal in GA?

Is CBD oil legal in Georgia? You’ve probably been seeing lots of headlines about CBD, cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. Especially after an election year, where...

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