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Treating Severe Itching in Dogs: A Veterinarian’s Experience

Treating Severe Itching in Dogs: A Veterinarian’s Experience

Allergy season is here with a vengeance and there is nothing more stressful to pet parents than seeing their dogs in misery.  Itching, chewing on their skin and scratching constantly until their skin is red and raw.  In pet owner surveys, itching more upsetting than just about any other ailment because it is constant and because it is so hard to provide relief for pets.

Our Clinical Study Success with Dogs

The formal term for itchy skin is Pruritus. Its commonly caused by either your dog’s food or environment. Food allergies can be managed reasonably well but environmental allergies are almost impossible to control.  Among the products available to pet parents, very few will resolve itching.

ElleVet Sciences recently completed a clinical study on itching in dogs that did not respond to traditional itching products from their veterinarians. Many of these dogs had almost complete relief from itching after a few weeks on ElleVet CBD oil for dogs.

A Veterinarian’s Experience with Our CBD+CBDA Oil

The best way to show both how successful the trial was and how awful itching can be, is a real-life account from a veterinarian who treated her own dog.

This is Her Story of Her Dog’s Battle with Pruritus

A veterinarian in Massachusetts had a dog with severe itching due to allergies.  He was refractory for all known treatments and his itching was so severe that he would need to be put under anesthesia several times a day just to get some relief.  She tried everything from cold laser to daily shots and nothing worked.  Every test, every product, every option was explored.  After 8 long months of emotional, physical, and financial toll on her, her dog, her hospital staff and her family, they were considering euthanasia as the kindest option as their dog couldn’t sleep at night and had no quality of life.

Then she read about the clinical trial ElleVet did on pruritis and thought she would try it as an eleventh hour, last ditch effort.  The ElleVet CBD+CBDA oil worked!  Within a week he had stopped itching completely.  The veterinarian did her own experiment and stopped ElleVet for a few days and the itching came back. 

A note to ElleVet from the veterinarian said,

“After missing 3 doses he stopped sleeping and his scratching was obvious once again.”

Today her dog is doing exceptionally well and living his best life, using our CBD+CBDA oil.  The family and the entire practice staff were grateful as they witnessed firsthand his dramatic improvement.  The practice is now using ElleVet as a first line of defense for many areas, not just pruritis, and have also had great response from some parrots with feather plucking issues!

ElleVet Sciences: Your First Line of Defense

ElleVet is a great first line of defense and we encourage veterinarians and pet owners to advocate for trying a product that is safe, often the safest option available, is proven to work and many times succeeds when other products cannot provide relief. We offer a CBD+CBDA product line that has been clinically proven for effectiveness and safety!

There is nothing better than hearing these success stories, and nothing that inspires us more to keep testing and doing studies and making the best product we can.  We want to help every pet that needs us, one dog and one cat at a time.

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