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Understanding CBD Drinks: Is CBD Water Soluble?

Understanding CBD Drinks: Is CBD Water Soluble?

Is CBD water-soluble? 

The answer may surprise you.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the CBD market, you may have seen a recent explosion in CBD drinks. They’ve become a popular product, starting to rival tinctures and other edibles.

So, if you’re seeing these CBD drinks, you may already know the general answer to this one: yes, CBD can be water-soluble.

However, if you read articles or resources about CBD, you’ve probably also seen CBD described as “oil-soluble.” And as you may remember from elementary school science classes, oil and water don’t mix.

So what gives? 

How do you have some CBD products that rely on a carrier oil and others that are water-based?

Let’s explore the process for making CBD water-soluble and why this form of CBD is becoming popular with consumers.

Yes, CBD Is Fat-Soluble

Before we get into water-soluble CBD, we’ll start with CBD in its most raw form. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not water-soluble upon the first extraction. The hemp plant is crushed during the extraction process, which releases an oil with compounds like cannabidiol, other cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid. In general, cannabinoids like CBD are oil-soluble, which means that they are hydrophobic (water-hating). If you combined CBD oil and water, the two would stay separate because the oily substance repels water. 

This fundamental characteristic of CBD oil is why some research indicates that high-fat foods can increase CBD absorption into the body. In fact, many experts are starting to recommend that a diet high in healthy fats is the best diet for CBD.

The body easily absorbs fatty foods, so combining CBD with fat can help the CBD fully absorb into the bloodstream. Usually, CBD products are combined with a type of fat to help with absorption and increase bioavailability. 

When is CBD Water-Soluble? 

cbdfx us blog Understanding CBD Drinks Is CBD Water Soluble water soluble cbdSomething water-soluble incorporates evenly into water. For example, if you put sugar into a cup of water, it would dissolve evenly instead of separating. 

An oil-soluble fat in its natural form is not water-soluble; however, there is a method for making many oil-loving compounds act water-soluble. It’s possible to process oils into water-compatible compounds when formulated as a micro- or nanoemulsion, a “stable and visually homogeneous oil/water mixture.”

Basically, through a specific food manufacturing process, cannabinoids can be processed to become water-compatible and appear water-soluble. 

If you’ve ever made a simple salad dressing from scratch, say balsamic vinegar and olive oil, you saw how oil and fat didn’t mix. They stay separate. However, if you’ve become an adventurous home cook over the last year, you may have tried to “emulsify” a dressing or sauce. 

How you process together oil and liquids to make a sauce like mayonnaise, or hollandaise, is pretty much the same idea behind making CBD water-soluble. Through emulsification processing, the oil-loving compound becomes, essentially, water-soluble.

The Effect of Water Soluble CBD

The purpose behind making water-soluble CBD is so it can be used in different consumer products. 

Although making CBD water-soluble relies on a particular process, it doesn’t drastically change how CBD works. If you turn to CBD for therapeutic relief with specific issues, you will find that both regular CBD oil and water-soluble CBD prompt the same effects. 

Water-soluble CBD doesn’t fundamentally change the effects of CBD or interact with your body much differently. However, because it is water-soluble, it functions slightly differently in the body.

As with all edible CBD products, any CBD product you need to consume must be digested by your body before the compound can make its way into your bloodstream. 

Since the product has to pass through your digestive system, it takes much longer to feel the effects (compared to a vape entering your bloodstream through the lungs or a tincture absorbed into the capillaries under your tongue).

 However, after CBD is processed to become water-soluble, it is in a form that the body can absorb slightly faster. As a result, water-soluble CBD may have a higher rate of bioavailability.

Even though you consume a CBD drink like an edible, you may feel the effects a lot faster because of the water-soluble form. If you’re looking to start feeling the effects of CBD quickly, a CBD drink can be an efficient way to get your serving.

Why Choose CBD Shots?

cbdfx us blog Understanding CBD Drinks Is CBD Water Soluble cbd shotsWhy are people choosing these water-soluble CBD drinks infused with special CBD oil? 

While there are tons of different CBD products on the market, few options are more convenient than a tasty 2 oz liquid shot. 

These small CBD shot drinks are pre-filled and pre-measured with a CBD serving amount. Whether you’re looking for CBD to relax or you need a pick-me-up to help you focus, not needing to measure anything makes it easier. 

If you worry you’re not getting servings amounts correct with a tincture, don’t want to use a vape, these small drinks are reliable. 

In addition to the convenience, CBD drinks are discreet and portable. They’re easy to toss into your bag for the day or grab from the fridge when you’re on your way out the door. 

A small, tasty CBD drink is increasingly a top choice for people interested in adding CBD into their routine.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Many people find that the taste of unflavored CBD oil is a bit…strong. 

Some people describe CBD oil with words like grassy, natural, or earthy. Although some people enjoy the natural flavor of hemp, not everyone is a fan of the taste or smell.

If you don’t particularly enjoy the flavor and taste of hemp and prefer flavored products, you may want to consider trying a CBD drink.

The best CBD drinks use natural flavors and ingredients to make a tasty shot. 

For example, something like a CBD Chill Shots combines 20mg broad spectrum CBD and 200 mg of calming L-Theanine. 

With flavors like lemonade or fruit punch, having these shots in hand when you unwind from a stressful event can help you keep your calm.

If you need a burst of energy, CBD Focus Shots come with 20mg of broad spectrum CBD, 150mg of energizing L-Arginine, 75mg of caffeine, and other vitamins and minerals. 

Not only can these shots help you increase your focus, but they also come in pomegranate or tropical flavors that you can enjoy. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are choosing a product that makes getting your serving of CBD an enjoyable experience. If you want CBD benefits without the earthy flavor of hemp, flavored drinks can be a great option. 

And now that you know that CBD can be made water-soluble, you understand why these drinks are becoming so popular.

Ready to see what the hype is about?

Check out our collection of CBD drinks to see for yourself!


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